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Best Gas Fireplace Inserts

February 15, 2021 10:34 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

A gas fireplace insert can lower your heating bill and fix a cold chimney draft while dramatically transforming a room and maybe even increasing the value of your home. Here are a few key features to keep in mind when looking for faux wood and other fireplace inserts in Seattle, WA. Impressive imitation of wood flames A common reason cited for preferring wood over gas fireplaces is that there’s no substitute for real wood-burning flames, but recent technological advancements have leveled the playing field. Gas flames can be made to dance and flicker just like the real thing, so there’s no need to sacrifice beauty when choosing a gas fireplace instead of a wood one. Direct vent gas fireplaces Traditionally, open flue fireplaces rely on drawing air from inside your home. However, direct vent fireplaces draw intake air from the outside. Direct vent fireplaces are designed to prevent cold drafts from entering indoors and warmed air from leaking, so they’ll also keep the home warmer, improve indoor air quality and reduce overall heating costs. Smart gas fireplaces There truly is an app for everything. Just like the rest of your home, a gas fireplace can be controlled remotely. They can... View Article

Three Things to Look for When Buying a Fireplace

February 11, 2021 6:15 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

At this point, you’ve already made the decision to install a fireplace. Next comes the hard part: choosing the best type of fuel, location and style. These are the main factors to put on your fireplace buying checklist before you consult a Seattle, WA hearth designer. Read on for a fireplace buying guide that delves into each of these factors in greater detail. Type of fuel The first step on your fireplace buying checklist is to choose between a wood, gas or electric fireplace. Wood fireplaces are best for homeowners who enjoy the process of stoking flames and filling the house with smoky, rustic aromas. However, there are downsides to owning a wood fireplace. They require a lot more maintenance than their gas or electric counterparts, due mostly to the need to sweep up the ashes after a fire. Wood fireplaces also need a chase, which limits where it can go in your home. Unlike wood-burning ones, gas fireplaces are convenient and boost your home’s energy efficiency. They require zero cleanup and turn on with the simple flip of a switch. Tempered glass creates a tight seal to preserve the air quality in your living space. Gas fireplaces release combustion... View Article

What Are BTUs and How Many Do You Need?

January 28, 2021 6:15 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

A lot more steps go into finding the perfect fireplace than you might think. Most homeowners have never heard of fireplace BTUs, yet this unit of measurement is one of the biggest determining factors for those who want to install a fireplace. Follow this quick guide to learn how many BTUs you need in your Seattle, WA fireplace. Measurement of heat output The BTU of a fireplace stands for British Thermal Units, and represents how much heat it releases into your home. Higher BTUs emit a larger amount of heat, so homeowners must take a fireplace’s BTU into consideration before purchasing one from their dealer in Seattle, WA. If you’ve never looked into buying a fireplace until now, remember that bigger isn’t always better. A bigger fireplace doesn’t automatically guarantee high BTU levels. People who reside in large homes might opt for a big fireplace simply because they have the room to accommodate it. Fireplaces come in a wide range of styles with varying BTUs, so you can find one that suits the size of your living space while providing enough heat. Square footage of the room While the size of the fireplace itself doesn’t matter, the size of your... View Article

What Venting System Should You Choose for Your Fireplace?

December 30, 2020 6:53 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

When you have a fireplace installed at your home, it is important that you plan for proper ventilation. While there are a few types of fireplaces in Seattle, WA that do not need any venting to the outdoors, all traditional fireplaces with gas, wood or pellet fuel sources will need to be able to circulate air to prevent the byproducts of combustion from getting into your home’s air and potentially causing illness. There are several methods of ventilation you can choose from, and each of these fireplace vent types in Seattle, WA has their own advantages to consider. Here’s a quick overview of what you should know. Venting gas fireplaces There are three common ways for natural gas fireplaces to be vented: Direct vent technology: In this type of ventilation system, there’s a sealed combustion system that draws outside air for the fire and then expels all of the combustion exhaust and other byproducts to the exterior of the home. B-vent/natural venting: This type of system is not sealed. Instead, it draws air from the room into the combustion chamber, and then any exhaust is routed out through the roof via a pipe. Ventless: This method requires a much higher... View Article

Check Out These Holiday Mantel Decoration Ideas!

December 16, 2020 6:53 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

You’ve probably already got your Seattle, WA home all decked out for the holidays, but it’s not too late to put a few extra ideas into action! If you have a fireplace, you can turn your mantel into the centerpiece of your room and use it to spread some extra holiday cheer. Here’s a quick overview of some decorating trends that are great to implement with your mantel. Add some texture Whether stone or wood, your mantel is likely smooth and simple. You can add in a few textures during the holiday season to warm it up and make for a cozier appearance. You might consider some natural greenery, bundles of wood, pillows, burlap or other items and textures on the mantel and around the fireplace. All of this will help you create more visual weight in the space, a concept that refers to the ability of contrasting textures or colors to draw your eye to a specific location. Rough textures are generally considered to have more visual weight, meaning they’ll be more likely to draw the eye, so use roughly textured items strategically as a means of adding extra visual interest. Consider your color schemes We’ve seen much more... View Article