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It’s that time of year when you want to head outside into the cool night, sit in front of a warm and crackling fire, and enjoy the sounds of nature or spend time with your loved ones. However, if you are unfamiliar with the laws in Washington State, you may be wondering whether it is legal to have an outdoor fire pit fire and whether a permit is necessary. Custom Fine Art in Fall City, WA, wants to share some Washington State fire pit regulations.

What Types of Fires Are Allowed in Washington State?

Recreational fires like those in designated fire pits are permitted in most areas in the state and a permit is generally not necessary. However, there are a few stipulations that must be followed to ensure you are creating a legal fire.

For instance, fires must be three feet or smaller in diameter and only two feet high. The use of seasoned dry wood is recommended, although charcoal and manufactured logs are permitted. No trash, lumber, or branch trimmings should be burned, as it is considered illegal.

It’s also important to be considerate of all neighbors. It is considered illegal to smoke out anyone around your property. Therefore, if the smoke from your fire is bothering your neighbor, it must be put out.

How Far Does a Fire Pit Need To Be From a House Washington State?

As a general rule, fire pits must be located at least 25 feet from any structure, such as your house, your shed, your neighbor’s house, etc. as well as anything combustible. They also need to be placed or built on a level surface with no vegetation of any form nearby. In fact, it is recommended to use a fire-retardant base.

Can You Have a Fire When a Burn Ban Is in Effect?

If there is a burn ban in effect for the county you live in, you cannot, under any circumstances, have a fire. This is true even if the fire is in a designated fire pit.

Ready To Make Your Fire Pit Awesome?

Since fire pit fires are permitted, it makes sense that you want a nice area to sit in the evening and enjoy a fire and the company of others. Reach out to Greg Barthels at Custom Fire Art to get information on having a fire pit designed and built for your property and individual needs.

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