Backyard Fire Pit Ideas in Seattle, WA

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Many beautiful custom fire pit designs and ideas help make your yard or lawn the favorite part of your home. That is also why Custom Fire Art is here, and we can help with all your fire pit designs to transform your outdoor living space. 

Fire Pit Designs and Ideas To Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

There are simple, quick, and creative ways to add to your fire pit area’s look, feel, and design. Here are a few great ideas for starters.

Use Fabrics

From the texture, look, and feel of fabrics, you can also invite colors or help support the theme of your fire pit design by adding fabric to your outdoor sofa, lounge chairs, or stools.

Employ Shape Strategy

Using your current outdoor furniture and fire pit, be mindful of how shapes can help create a unique or stylish image for your outdoor living space.

Natural Privacy

Instead of traditional fencing, using trees and shrubbery, you can create that same privacy and add to the natural beauty of your fire pit design.

Create Sections

With the use of furniture, placement, and other techniques, creating sections with your outdoor living space will not only offer more uses (e.g., gaming area, lounge area, fire pit area), but it will also add to the beauty of your fire pit designs.

Matching Matters

If you have a black cast iron fire pit, matching chairs around the pit would fit perfectly. The idea is to keep everything in harmony, and matching helps.

The Power of Walkways and Paths

Picture the scene as you walk out the back door, only to be greeted by a beautiful stone pathway that leads to your stunning firepit area.

Warm Up With Blankets

On those cool nights, staying warm by the fire, a cozy blanket isn’t only charming but also adds a nice touch of inviting decorum to your fire pit design.

Light It Up

String lights? Absolutely, and feel free to get creative here.

Rock Enclosures

Along with those natural privacy themes, rock enclosures add the same benefits and deliver a more unique and even polished feel, naturally, of course.

Tune-In Your Campfire

Adding music to your fire pit area is a no-brainer. And with the mobile options and audio design system, you can even embed speakers into the wall of your fire pit.

Less is More

Minimalization is never louder than when it is in a more natural setting. Less is definitely more for your fire pit design, so don’t clutter and keep it simple.

Tiles for More Class

Want to step up the level of elegance in your fire pit design? Build it on a tile base, and feel free to get imaginative with the floor layout.

Backdrop and Landscape Considerations

Yes, your lawn or yard should be well-manicured, but your fire pit design deserves more. Don’t skimp on your landscaping, invest in it, and make it a beautiful landscape and backdrop for your fire pit and outdoor living space.

Keep It Functional

While you want your fire pit design and area to be beautiful, remember to keep it practical. This is where people will spend time, perhaps eating, drinking, or playing games, so keep it functional.

Think Levels

Consider building your fire pit area into the ground for a more dynamic look or a different and inviting feel. In addition to creating an unforgettable visual image, it offers more insulation, protection from the elements, and beauty to your outdoor living space.

Custom Fire Art

Welcome to Custom Fire Art. Our team of skilled and knowledgeable technicians specializes in creating custom fixtures for indoor and outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, patios, and grills. 

Custom Fire Art is a licensed and bonded contractor, so give us a call today, and we will be more than happy to get you started on your next project.

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