10 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas in Seattle WA

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Washington state residents are infamous for being outdoors types. So, it shouldn’t be surprising to discover that finding great outdoor kitchen ideas in Seattle WA is a hot topic. One of the easiest, most stylish, and most popular ways to help create that outdoor kitchen is with outdoor kitchen islands.

These self-contained all-in-one kitchen units are not only small enough to work for almost any yard, but they also offer countless looks and options. Here are the 10 best outdoor kitchen ideas built around those increasingly popular kitchen islands.

Compact Island Kitchen Units

These self-contained island kitchen units are small enough for even the smallest yards and capable enough to provide you with all your outdoor kitchen needs.

Island Kitchens With a Flair

Traditional island kitchens will change and transform your outdoor living space. Add a set of side burners, and now you have even more versatility and flair. 

Modern Plank L-Shape Designs

If you want a more modern and sleek look, the stainless steel modern plank L-shape designs will give that professional, polished, and even elegant feel to your outdoor kitchen area and living space. 

Traditional L-Shape Designs With a Little More

Staying with our highly-sought L-shape island kitchen design, both traditional and more modern styles will offer more and look great when you choose island kitchen units with a power burner.

Island and Storage Combo

Yes, island kitchens are the all-you-need outdoor solution, and if you choose units with storage options, you add practicality, convenience, and even more aesthetic options.

Don’t Forget the Pellet Grill

They have been an exciting new addition to the island kitchen family, and getting an island kitchen complete with a pellet grill will be all you need to understand — and see why.

Combine Stone Ideas with a Smoker

Stone or brick built (or fascia options) create a great classic stone oven look, and adding a smoker will also make your island kitchen the envy of all the yards — and the favorite part of your home too.

Pizza Anyone?

What else could you add to your beautiful island kitchen to make it better and more beautiful? How about a pizza oven in addition to your L-shaped-designed outdoor kitchen? Now you have everything you could want or need.

Beautiful Bar Concepts

Another concept growing in popularity is creating a bar or bar look into their outdoor kitchen area. Add some stools and build in a bar area to your L-shaped kitchen design for a fabulous new look and more room for enjoying your beautiful outdoor living space.

Straight Island Units With a Sink

In many straight island kitchen units, the addition of a sink doesn’t detract but adds to the look and feel of your outdoor kitchen unit. Additionally, it is also a practical option for those who spend considerable time "outside" in the kitchen.

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