Keep It Cozy at Work: Fireplaces for Businesses

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When we think of fireplaces, we often think of a cozy home where family and friends are gathered. The fireplace, however, can also be a great addition to other structures as well. Businesses, restaurants, and other structures can also benefit from a well-designed fireplace.

When installing a fireplace into a commercial structure, there are a few things that should be considered. In this quick guide, we will provide you with some fireplace design info and some great custom fireplace ideas for your business. Keep reading to learn more.

Safety Considerations

When having a fireplace installed into a commercial structure, there might be extra safety protocols that must be considered. A commercial structure is often under more strenuous safety codes than a regular home would be. The first step in your fireplace design will need to be a review of the safety codes for your structure. What will you be allowed to install? What restrictions are there? It is a good idea to talk with a fireplace specialist in your area to get all of this important information.

It is often recommended that a commercial structure have a gas or electric fireplace. This decreases the chances of fire damage. An electric or gas fireplace is also easier to operate making it simple to train new people on how to operate it.

Let’s look at some commercial structures that could benefit from a fireplace installation.

Retail Stores

Depending on the tone and atmosphere, you might want to consider installing a fireplace to create a homey feel to the store. This is especially true in stores that encourage customers to sit and stay awhile, such as a bookstore.

Waiting Rooms

People often feel frustrated while waiting in a waiting room, but a cozy fireplace can truly change the attitude and atmosphere or any room. Fireplaces used in waiting rooms should be extremely safe and child-proof.


Restaurants have long used fireplaces to increase the ambiance of the space. A cozy fireplace encourages a homey atmosphere that people will want to return to again and again. Outdoor fireplaces can also be used to extend the usability of outdoor patio dining.

Restaurants should work closely with fireplace specialists to ensure that the fireplace or fireplaces they choose are the safest options possible.

Final Thoughts

If you do decide to have a fireplace installed into your commercial structure, keep in mind these important details.

Training – It will be of utmost importance that your staff is properly trained as to how to operate the fireplace. Be sure that only a trained staff member handles the fireplace.

Maintenance – It will also be very important that you keep the fireplace properly maintained. A fireplace that is not maintained properly can be dangerous.

Design – Be sure that the design you choose for your fireplace works well for the type of environment it will be operating in. This is where a fireplace specialist will be important. These professionals will be able to advise you on exactly what type of fireplace will work for the location.

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