Fireplace Trends for 2023

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Fireplaces have long served not only as functional heating sources but also as ornamental elements in a home. Today, with more and more electric heating options, fireplaces serve more of an aesthetic purpose, rather than a functional one, although many people do loves using their fireplaces for heating.

If you plan a fireplace installation or remodel, here are some of the top fireplace trends in 2023. If you are looking for 2023 fireplace trends with examples, you can reach out to local fireplace specialists in your area.


Traditional fireplaces with a mantle are the most common design we are accustomed to seeing. In 2022, however, linear fireplaces came to the forefront of fireplace design. This trend is continuing into 2023. A frameless, or linear fireplace can operate on wood or gas logs. This option is attractive to homeowners because of its clean, modern look.

A frameless fireplace will however be surrounded by marble, tile, or stone decorations.

Traditional Look Gas

Gas fireplaces provide many benefits and convenience for homeowners who want the feel of a fireplace without the work involved in gathering and storing wood. The best of both worlds can be had with a traditional look gas fireplace. This option will provide you with gas starters and logs that are built to look exactly like a real fireplace. You can even get an option that will sound like a real fireplace.

Big Flames

Another popular trend for 2023 is big flames. Tall flames and open views provide a unique fireplace experience in the modern home. Some of these designs can bring floor-to-ceiling designs that add a dramatic flair to your living spaces.

More Warmth, Please

Some homeowners complain their fireplaces do not give off enough warmth. It is true that many traditional fireplaces are not that efficient at heating a space. There are modern options, however, that can ensure you have all the warmth you need from your fireplace. For those taking the gas option, you can get a system installed with various heat settings. Flames can be increased or decreased to suit your warming needs.

For those burning wood, there are also options to increase the warmth output. For example, a closed hearth fireplace provides you with greater flexibility for heat control than other designs.

Four Sided Glass

If you want a truly modern take on the fireplace, you might want to consider the four-sided glass fireplace. These are also sometimes called see-through fireplaces. Just as with the linear fireplace, this option provides a clean, sharp, modern look but with the added safety feature of the flames enclosed in glass. This is a better option for homes that have small children or pets.

Open Fireplaces

The open-concept fireplace is another great option for people who wish to achieve a uniquely modern look in their homes. This design allows the open flames to flicker around the room. This design is often used in restaurants but can also work in a modern home design.

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