Fireplace Ideas That Will Cozy Up Your Home

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Whether you have an active or inactive fireplace, you are probably wondering about fireplace decor ideas. How do you decorate a cozy fireplace? This quick guide will provide you with a few ideas to create a great fireplace to add a little coziness to your space. 

Consider Plants

Adding plants to your mantle and around your fireplace is a lovely way to bring a natural look to the room and create an eye-catching fireplace. This is a good idea for spring and summer decorating. 

Consider Green 

Often we think that the mantle of the fireplace is just brown or painted white. You can actually bring a soothing, cozy feel to the room by painting your fireplace green. Green goes with many different types of decor. Green is also believed to be the most soothing color to the eyes. 

Create a Fire Place Book Nook 

If you have an inactive fireplace, you might be at a loss as to how to use that space properly. Filling the empty fireplace with books is a cute way to use the space practically and show your book collection. 

Mirrored Mantel 

Adding a decorative mirror above the mantle can really open up a small room. Mirrors have the effect of adding more space to a room without ever making any other changes. 

Color Splashed Brick

If your fireplace is surrounded by brick, consider bringing a bit of color to it. Traditionally, brick fireplaces were simply the color of brick, but you can paint your brick any color you like. Blue, red, and even yellow or green are popular brick color choices. 

Switch It Up With An Insert 

Although fireplaces are sweet and cozy, the truth is they are not always the best at actually heating a home. If you want to heat your home efficiently with wood, you might want to consider replacing the fireplace with a wood-burning stove insert. This is an easy conversion that will heat your home more efficiently without any major remodeling needed. You will also still enjoy the coziness of wood heat. 

Victorian Vintage 

Another way to decorate your fireplace would be Victorian vintage. Fireplaces take us back to another time, so why not express that with your fireplace decor? You can achieve a Victorian vintage fireplace by using dark colors, dried flowers, and antique paintings. 

Traditional Stone 

Bored with wooden mantels, why not consider stone? Stone fireplaces are timeless and can help to retain some of the heat being generated by the fire. 

Fill During the Off Season 

If you are not using your fireplace during the spring and summer, consider creative ways you could fill the fireplace space during that time. Many people like to stack wooden spheres or other decorative items in the space. This creates a nice visual and adds to the room. 

Pure White

If you are tired to death of your boring brick fireplace, modernize it with white. Painting a brick or stone fireplace white dramatically changes the whole aesthetic of the room. 

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