Top 5 Fireplace Trends for 2022

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What fireplaces are in style 2022? Why are they the trending fireplace designs 2022? These are questions that homeowners ask themselves as we slowly step away from the melancholy designs that reigned over 2020 and 2021.

Fireplaces have a way of brightening up a wide range of spaces, but to get the most out of this choice, you must choose the trends that most closely align with your needs. Let’s take a closer look at the trends that will define 2022 (and beyond!).

Frameless Fireplaces

Thanks to the frameless and flush-mounted fireplaces, it has never been easier to achieve a truly symbiotic design. Whether you are choosing a longline XL1200 ethanol burner that can be seamlessly integrated beneath a television or you are looking for something more elegant (like a single-sided fireplace), the options are endless.

All you need to do is select a quality burner that provides the expert with the necessary ease of installation. A more integrated approach is being taken in homes all over the country, and this is the sort of trend that is sure to persist. Designers and architects alike enjoy the freedom that these designs have to offer.

Double and Triple Sided Fireplaces

These fireplaces are the perfect choice for anyone with a more sophisticated design palette that is looking to provide the room with a focal point. They can be fitted with glass on each side, and some homeowners may choose to have three or four sides fitted. This is a great way to enhance the dramatic effect that these fireplaces have to offer.

They can be set into decorative pillars or dividing walls, providing a few different design options. Some may even choose to install double or triple-sided fireplaces in an exterior wall of the home. This allows homeowners to enhance multiple spaces at the same time, a true win/win.

Extra Large Fireplaces

A massive fireplace will serve as a bold centerpiece in any number of settings, whether residential or otherwise. They are becoming especially popular in many commercial spaces, as they are a current staple of the hospitality industry. Extra large fireplaces may come with an oversize hearth, or they could have multiple burners to choose from.

The ambient glow they provide allows for a cozier feel, without sacrificing any space. Mirrors, wooden accents, and beautiful stonework are used as accents. This is certainly not a trend for those prone to second-guessing their design choices, but it will only gain in popularity in the years to come.

Indoor/Outdoor Symbiosis

The pandemic brought us a major uptick in outdoor burners and fire pits. The emphasis on upgrading our living spaces will continue to live on, even as we move further away from the more solitary days of 2020 and 2021. An outdoor fireplace will go a long way toward making your outdoor spaces look even more inviting. Best of all, these fire pits and outdoor burners are designed to blend in beautifully in a wide range of spaces, creating a truly luxurious element that is hard to match.

TVs Mounted Above Fireplaces

Consumers and design professionals alike agree on this one. A fireplace and a television set serve as the perfect complement to one another. They come together as the main centerpiece for any room, providing warmth and ambiance without any spacial sacrifice. Building a custom fireplace has never been easier, making this decision a no-brainer.

Hiding the cables and wires from the television set is a must, and these designs simplify this process. All the assumed pitfalls are easily avoidable thanks to ethanol burners and zero-clearance fireplace inserts.

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