Gas Firepit Installations

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Your home’s backyard is a haven. It is where family and friends gather around to enjoy a meal outdoors, play games or spend time together.

A fire pit is a gathering space that brings warmth and light, extending your enjoyable time in the backyard. While a fire pit is a critical part of a backyard oasis, it can be insecure if not installed appropriately. When putting up something of this magnitude in your backyard, you do not want to be apprehensive about safety when you should be enjoying the warmth and the view of a dancing firelight.

How do you install a firepit? 

Constructing a fire pit in your backyard is ideal for overall enjoyment and impact, which requires a well-thought-out design and installation. Here are some tips on fire pit installation.

  • Choose the appropriate materials for the fire pit: You can use several materials to make a fire pit. However, some materials (though beautiful) are not suitable for the high temperatures associated with a fire pit. If you do not use the appropriate materials, you might create a safety problem in your backyard. Often, fire pit design includes a stainless-steel interior lining to provide a barrier between the fire and materials, enhancing the security of your fire pit. 
  • Do not neglect the height of the fire pit: Fire pit design and installation require a professional who will consider the height and circumference. Often, there is a temptation to construct tall fire pits to secure the fire; however, it will require people (especially children) to move closer and roast their hotdogs or marshmallows. This minimizes the safety of your fire pit.
  • Know the local fire pit rules: Each municipality has rules that govern the location of permanent fire pits in relation to homes. The codes vary significantly from one municipality to another. Some municipalities allow between 10 and 12 feet locations from the house, while others allow between 25 and 30 feet. An experienced landscape professional will assist you in checking the local codes before starting the design of your fire pit, ensuring your desired location is appropriate.
  • Consider orientation: A fire pit can detract or impede views, or get negatively impacted by weather, causing more discomfort than comfort. Thus, you should ensure you can see the fire pit from multiple areas enhancing the backyard aesthetics. Concerning the weather, the wind is a big factor in the design of a fire pit. An experienced professional considers wind direction, ensuring the smoke does not blow into your guests’ faces.
  • Consider your choice of fuel: Most people think of wood burning, whenever the issue of a fire pit crops up. However, the wind in your backyard might make you hesitate to opt for the wood-burning option. In such circumstances, you should contact an expert for advice on how to install gas firepits.

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