Best Fireplaces for the Planet

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The increasing emissions have become an enormous threat to the planet’s well-being by contributing significantly to global warming. Although fireplaces are an excellent way to keep warm, they also contribute to the increasing emissions and growing climate concerns. The most common fireplace options are wood-burning fireplaces, pellet stoves, natural gas fireplaces, and electric fireplaces. If you want to keep warm, you should consider an eco-friendly fireplace. Here is a breakdown of which fireplace is best for the environment.

Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Wood-burning fireplaces are the least eco-friendly fireplaces since they do the most harm to the environment. However, some advancements have been implemented in wood-burning fireplaces to make them more environmentally friendly. These advancements include:

  • Using sustainably-harvested wood as fuel for the fireplaces. This reduces the environmental impact that unsustainable logging for firewood has on the planet. 
  • Purchasing locally sourced firewood reduces the carbon footprint associated with shipping imported firewood.
  • Using innovative EPA-certified wood-burning fireplaces that utilize less firewood and are clean burning.

Pellet Stoves

A pellet stove is likely one of the most eco-friendly fireplaces that you can install in your space. This innovative alternative to the traditional wood-burning stove utilizes materials that would otherwise end up in the landfill as fuel. Pellet stoves are great because they give very little ash after burning. Additionally, they require very little hands-on attention once lit. Moreover, pellet stoves are pretty affordable to purchase and run. 

Natural Gas Fireplaces

Natural gas fireplaces burn cleaner and are quite efficient at heating spaces. However, these fireplaces are not the best choice for your family’s health and the environment, as natural gas is derived from fossil fuels. The extraction of fossil fuels from the ground uses methods such as fracking which have a massive negative impact on the environment. Therefore, although your natural gas fireplace will be burning cleaner, you will be supporting an industry that enormously harms the environment. 

Additionally, the natural gas fuel you are relying on is likely methane, that’s among the most toxic greenhouse gases. Burning natural gas to heat your home could also be harmful to your health due to the carbon monoxide it produces. Therefore, it’s necessary that you install carbon monoxide monitors in your home.

Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are regarded as the most eco-friendly fireplace. Additionally, they offer unbeatable efficiency as they can cut down your heating cost by 20 to 40%. Electric fireplaces can be installed effortlessly and look aesthetically pleasing. As a result, they are excellent for installing in and heating living spaces. However, electric fireplaces cannot heat entire homes; thus, you might have to install several of them throughout your house. Some options can quickly be set up in any room to provide on-the-spot warmth. 

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