Safety Tips for Barbecuing

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As the weather warms up, families start heading outside for more springtime activities. One of those activities is barbecuing. This is a great way to prepare healthy food while spending time with friends and family. To make the most of your family barbeque, keep these backyard BBQ safety tips in mind.

Grill in the Open Air

You may have seen neighbors grilling inside their open garage or under a covered deck. You should know that this is not a safe way to operate your grill. Your grill should be used in an open space. Charcoal grills can send embers up into the air. If this were to land in your garage or on the covered patio, it could be a fire hazard. Gas grills should also be used in an open space because of the fumes that can be emitted. Grilling in an open space is high on the list of safe grilling tips. 

Set Up Your Grill Away From the House

The further you can get the grill reasonably from the house the better. You should always keep in mind that the grill is a fire hazard. You do not want your family barbeque to turn into a family tragedy. A safe rule of thumb is to place the grill at least 10 feet away from your home.

Use a Leveled Surface

To increase the safety of your grill, choose a level surface for cooking. This will reduce the chances of the grill tipping over.

Keep a Close Eye on Pets

If you allow your pets to be out while you are grilling, make sure to keep them away from the grill if they are not properly trained. An animal could easily tip a grill over, causing a fire.

Check for Leaks

When you bring your gas grill out for the spring, take time to check the gas lines for leaks. A leak in the gas line could create an accumulation of gasses that could be harmful and combustible.

Keep It Clean

Another great way to stay safe when grilling is to keep the grill itself clean. After it has been used, it needs to be cleaned thoroughly. If you use the grill often, grease will build up on the grill plates. It can also collect in the grease tray, acting as fuel. It can catch on fire while you are grilling later. You should clean your grill by scrubbing it down with a grill brush and emptying the grease tray.

Stay With the Grill

While you are grilling, it is your responsibility to stay at the grill. It should never be left unattended. This creates a safety hazard for everyone. Always have another adult ready to take over if you need to step away for a moment.

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