How to Use a Fire Pit Safely

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If you have an outdoor fire pit, you know how enjoyable it can be. Whether it’s just you sitting by the flames or you’re entertaining friends and family, outdoor fire pits are perfect for cooking food and staying warm when you’re enjoying the outdoors. However, it’s important to remember that there’s an element of danger to consider. Fire is still fire!

Thankfully, with some simple outdoor fire pit safety tips, you can use your fire pit with peace of mind. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re enjoying the warmth of your fire pit:

  • Always make sure to burn seasoned wood. Fresh trees and tree branches will create smoke that’s heavy with sap, which can cause eye, nose and mouth irritation for those sitting too close or when the wind shifts.
  • Keep children away from the fire. Outdoor fire pits should be treated like any other fire. If you’re not there to watch your children, they shouldn’t be around the flames at all. Always teach children fire safety, even when it comes to outdoor fire pits!
  • Keep your fire pit away from anything that can burn. Outdoor fire pits should be placed far away from buildings and anything else flammable.
  • Make sure your outdoor fire pit has a sturdy, stable base that can’t be knocked over. All fire pits should have a barrier placed around them to prevent anyone from accidentally knocking it over.
  • Keep a bucket of water nearby in case you need to quickly extinguish the flames. Fire pits shouldn’t be doused with water unless it’s an emergency—dousing will cause steam and damage the pit’s components. Instead, use a bucket of water or sand to quickly smother the flames only if they’re getting out of control.
  • Only add wood when you’re ready to use it. Fire pits should be kept stocked with pre-cut wood that’s been seasoned for at least six months. Add only enough wood to keep the fire a manageable size and contained within the pit.
  • Always follow manufacturer instructions when using your fire pit. Outdoor fire pits should have a grate designed specifically for the size and shape of its flames.
  • If you leave your fire to die out, make sure it has burned all night long. Outdoor fires should be left to burn themselves out completely. It’s safer than trying to put them out prematurely.
  • If you have to leave your fire pit unattended, make sure it’s completely out. Pits should be left for several hours after the flames have died before being covered.
  • Never use flammable liquid accelerants to start your fire pit. This can be extremely dangerous and should never be done. Use approved kindling sources to start the foundations of the fire.

With these safety tips for outdoor fire pits, you can enjoy the warmth without worrying about your safety. With just a little preparation, you can be sure that everyone enjoys their time around the fire pit!

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