Design Options for Indoor or Outdoor Fireplaces

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Thinking about bringing the warmth and ambience of a fireplace to your property with help from a custom fireplace designer? Whether you choose to relax in front of the fire inside or outdoors, there are many different types of fireplaces that can be added into any home. Here’s a look at some of the most popular options, for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Indoor fireplace designs

The most popular type of indoor fireplace design is a traditional model. These units are made with bricks and stone, shaped in the manner you likely picture when you think of a fireplace. A traditional fireplace design can be manufactured to fit any room or space that’s needed for the unit.

Stone fireplaces are another type of indoor model, but more expensive than traditional models. Stone fireplaces are made with real stone and brick, making them very durable and long lasting. They also tend to blend in well with most décor or any surrounding they’re placed in.

Industrial fireplaces are designed to make a statement, whether through their appearance or how they operate. They can be made out of materials such as steel and iron, making them durable for outdoor use. The industrial style allows the owner’s personality to shine through with different designs and options.

Modern fireplaces are designed with straight lines and angles. They often have only one box area for the flames, but there will be several on/off switches on them to control certain aspects of the fireplace. These types of modern fireplaces allow a person to bask in the upscale ambience of a prestigious model.

Antique fireplaces are the opposite of modern designs, and most often considered old-fashioned. They vary in design, with most having a pot belly shape. These models tend to come with several different pieces that may be combined or taken apart as needed.

Outdoor fireplace designs

There are many styles of outdoor fireplaces that can be used for entertaining guests or even for everyday use. Some styles of outdoor fireplaces include rock, brick and metal designs.

Rock fireplaces are made with stones that can be found in most backyards. They consist of several stone pieces that stack on top of each other to create the fireplace itself. The owner will need to purchase a grate for the bottom of the fireplace, which will allow the flames to come up through.

Brick fireplaces are made with real bricks or even recycled bricks. These types of models are similar to traditional designs for indoor fireplaces, but they have a special coating on them so that they can be used outdoors as well. The design allows the owner to have an elegant piece in their yard, but also one that can be used when hosting a party or other type of gathering.

Metal fireplaces are very durable and long-lasting pieces. They have a variety of designs to choose from so that the owner can find one that fits in well with the surrounding area. Metal pieces allow for a modern design in any backyard or area the owner has chosen to place it.

Custom fireplace designers

Not all models of fireplaces are available in stores, so someone looking for a unique model will need to find a custom fireplace designer. These professionals will work with the owner to mold their ideas into reality so they can enjoy their new fireplace to its fullest.

Ready to bring your design to life? Contact Custom Fire Art today—we’ll introduce you to the different styles of fireplace, and help you customize yours!

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