What You Need to Know Before Building an Outdoor Kitchen

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The best way to elevate your barbecue is by making an entire meal outside—not just burgers and hot dogs. But there are several things to consider before you go and install an entire outdoor kitchen.

Keep reading to learn what to know before you build an outdoor kitchen:

  • Permits and restrictions: You may need to obtain a permit before building an outdoor kitchen, and some homeowner association (HOA) restrictions may apply that can affect your plan. If you’re working with a professional outdoor kitchen builder, they’ll take care of all the permitting for you.
  • Budget: Just like redesigning an indoor kitchen, building an outdoor kitchen can get expensive quickly. Before you go any further, sit down and consider how much you’re willing to spend on your materials and appliances. Keep in mind that unforeseen hiccups during the build can increase your overall costs.
  • Location: The last thing you want is to leave your outdoor kitchen exposed to the elements. Consider building it under a pergola or a semi-enclosed area for more protection from rain, wind and snow.
  • Layout: Next up on the things to consider when designing an outdoor kitchen is its layout. An L-shaped design or a galley-style kitchen are two of the most common layouts. Your builder can help create the perfect layout for the available space in your backyard.
  • Functionality: An outdoor kitchen must have four distinct functional zones: cold, hot, wet and dry zones. Cold zones are for refrigeration, while hot areas are for cooking appliances. The dry area is for your meal prep, and the wet zone is where your sink will go. Designing your kitchen with these four zones in mind maximizes its functionality.
  • Appliances: Outdoor kitchens can have just as many appliances as indoor ones. We recommend putting in a full-sized range and refrigerator to make your outdoor kitchen as functional as possible. Just keep your budget in mind when you’re out shopping for appliances.
  • Lighting: Your outdoor lighting sets the mood and helps ensure you’re able to cook up a meal after sunset. If you do have a roof over your kitchen, consider installing an overhead fan with lights.
  • Seating: Another thing to know before you build an outdoor kitchen is that you need somewhere to sit and enjoy your meals. A counter with barstools is a popular option for gathering and entertaining, but it’s also a good idea to buy a full-sized outdoor dining table with seating.
  • Storage: The more storage space you have outside, the fewer trips you need to take inside to grab utensils, cups, plates or more ingredients. The one downside of outdoor kitchens is that they’re more susceptible to pests, so make sure all of your storage is airtight.

Let us handle everything for you

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