Weighing the Pros and Cons of Gas, Wood and Electric Fireplaces

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Many of our customers considering a fireplace often ask us, “What are the benefits of a gas fireplace, wood fireplace or an electric fireplace?” Luckily for them, we have the answers.

This post will cover the pros and cons of each type of fireplace.

Gas fireplaces pros and cons

We specialize in installing gas fireplaces and fire pits here at Custom Fire Art, but we understand that gas isn’t right for everyone. These are two reasons to consider gas and one reason to think about woodburning or electric:

  • Ease of use: The main benefit of a gas fireplace is that it’s super easy to use. You don’t have to mess with starting a fire—all you need to do is press a button. There are even some models with remote controls these days.
  • Zero maintenance: If you don’t like cleaning, a gas fireplace or an electric fireplace is for you. Because there’s no messy ash residue, gas fireplaces are essentially maintenance-
  • Higher installation costs: The one downside of gas fireplaces is that they’re expensive to install. This cost gets more expensive if you also need to run a new gas line to the unit.

Woodburning fireplaces pros and cons

It’s tough to top a traditional woodburning fireplace for a variety of reasons—but there is one reason that it’s not right for everyone:

  • Fantastic heat output: Woodburning fireplaces give the most heat out of the three choices. If you make the fire big enough, it can heat an entire room without running up your monthly heating bill.
  • Incredible ambiance: The crackling sound coming from a beautiful woodburning fireplace creates a beautiful ambiance for a warm evening inside. You can even choose different types of firewood to give your home a fantastic smell.
  • Slightly inconvenient: Chopping your own firewood or buying it at the store is a bit of an inconvenience. You’ll also need to keep that wood dry before tossing it in the fireplace.

Electric fireplaces pros and cons

Finally, there are electric fireplaces. Here are two reasons to consider an electric fireplace and one reason to think about going with a woodburning or gas fireplace:

  • Lowest expense: If you’re thinking about a gas fireplace or an electric fireplace and money is a factor, always go with an electric model. These fireplaces are by far the cheapest of the three options.
  • Fits anywhere: Space can be an issue when installing a fireplace. If that’s the case, an electric fireplace could be for you. These fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes to fit anywhere in your home.
  • Poor heat output: Electric fireplaces are mostly beneficial for their ambiance and not so much their heat output. If you need a fireplace to keep you warm in the winter, we advise going with a gas or woodburning

Get your fireplace today

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of a gas fireplace, wood fireplace or an electric fireplace, it’s time to have yours installed. Talk to our pros at Custom Fire Art today to get started installing your beautiful, new gas fireplace.

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