Tips for Cleaning Your Residential Gas Fireplace and Gas Logs

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Now that chilly weather is here, it’s time for residential and commercial gas fireplace maintenance and cleaning. Whether your gas fireplace is at home or at work, keeping it clean is the key to safe and efficient enjoyment all winter long.

Here’s how to clean your gas fireplace and the gas logs themselves.

How to maintain your gas fireplace

Whether you have a commercial or residential gas fireplace, regular preventative maintenance is important. Safety inspections are the key to safe and efficient operation: call your local fireplace tech to inspect your fireplace and repair any problems they find.

When you call for a safety inspection, your contractor will first check for gas leaks, which can be deadly if left unaddressed. They’ll also check the gas pressure to make sure it’s in the recommended range, and test the burner to ensure it’s operating correctly.

Although you might be tempted to conduct your own safety inspection, it’s important that you call a professional. A licensed, certified HVAC professional will have the right skills, knowledge and tools to guarantee your gas fireplace is safe for use.

How to clean your gas fireplace

Next, you’ll need to clean the gas fireplace. Do this before you start the fireplace for the season, and consider cleaning at least once monthly throughout the fall and winter.

Before you begin, make sure the fireplace is turned off and cool to the touch. You’ll need a vacuum, soft bristle brush, old sheet and fireplace cleaner. Turn off the gas.

First, open the fireplace’s glass cover. If it can be removed, go ahead and take it off at this time. Clean the inside and outside of the glass with your fireplace cleaner. Make sure you do not use an ammonia-based product—opt for an alcohol-based cleaner instead. Spray the cleaner on the glass and let it sit for 15 minutes, then you can scrub the grime away with a clean cloth until the cover sparkles once again.

Next, focus on the burners. Using a handheld vacuum or a vacuum attachment, run the vacuum cleaner or attachment over the burners. This will remove the majority of the debris that’s collected. Remove the rest with your soft bristle brush. Then run the vacuum cleaner over the burners once again to remove the rest of the debris.

Finally, you can clean your gas logs. Remove the logs and put them on the old sheet, which will prevent soot from getting on the floor. Take them outside and use the brush to remove soot and debris from the logs, then replace them in the fireplace.

Now all you need to do is turn on the gas to enjoy your newly-cleaned fireplace.

Get your own gas fireplace

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