Are Zero-Clearance Fireplaces Better? Here’s Why You Should Consider Installing One

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Preparing for fireplace installation in your home? You should at least consider a zero-clearance fireplace. This is a type of premanufactured fireplace that can be installed against or close to other combustible materials.

Here’s a look at some of the benefits of having a zero-clearance fireplace in your home:

  • No buffer needed: With a zero-clearance fireplace, there’s no need for a buffer zone. This means you can fit the fireplace into a more compact space than many other types of heating units, providing you with some more versatility for how you will create your layout in your room.
  • Lower costs: Zero-clearance fireplaces do not need any masonry work to protect combustible materials from the heat of the fireplace. This results in significantly lowered costs of installation, as masonry work is often one of the largest expenses associated with such a project.
  • Efficient: Most of the warmth created by a traditional, open masonry fireplace will exit the house through the chimney. Zero-clearance fireplaces are designed to be much more efficient, with as much as 70 percent of the heat remaining in the home. This means they’re more than just aesthetically pleasing—they’ve also got functional benefits.
  • Versatility: Because these types of fireplaces are premanufactured and well insulated, with no clearance needed, they can be used in just about any environment. Mobile homes, for example, can have these fireplaces installed when a traditional fireplace would not be an option. If your home was built without a fireplace, you don’t need to worry about adding nearly as much infrastructure to get the fireplace installed. Sometimes all you need are pipes for air ventilation coming out the back of the unit.
  • Options: There are a wide range of options for you to choose from—different models, sizes and styles. This means you can find a fireplace that will perfectly complement the décor and architecture of your home and give you the look you need. You can always find a fireplace in the right size and shape for any room of your home.
  • Low maintenance: Zero-clearance fireplaces require little in the way of maintenance and are quite easy to operate. This cuts down on the amount of work associated with using the fireplace. Other types of fireplaces require regular cleaning and inspection to ensure their long-term safety.
  • Fuel options: There are many different types of fuel that can be used in zero-clearance fireplaces, allowing you to take your pick. Examples include natural gas, wood logs and wood pellets. You can even choose zero-clearance fireplaces powered by electricity.

These are just a few examples of some of the main benefits associated with zero-clearance fireplaces. If you’re interested in learning more about this option or about the various other fireplace options available to you when you’re planning a new installation, we encourage you to contact the team at Custom Fire Art. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about our services and our capabilities when it comes to creating custom fire features for your home.

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