Choosing the Right Type of Fireplace

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Wood-burning, gas and electric are just a few of the great types of fireplaces available these days. Finding the best type of fireplace for your home might take some time, but it’s important to make the right choice. You’ll hopefully be sitting around that same fireplace for years to come. Consider speaking with an expert in residential fireplaces to help you choose the perfect one for your home.

Wood-burning fireplace

Wood-burning fireplaces are the most common type for a reason. They look great and provide plenty of warmth to your home without using any energy. Despite this, there are several cons to owning a wood-burning fireplace as well. These types of fireplaces are actually bad for the environment and require a high amount of maintenance. Not only that, but wood-burning fireplaces can also present a major safety issue.

Electric fireplaces

You can find electric fireplaces all over the place these days. Many homeowners prefer electric fireplaces because they’re cheap to install and easy to use. They don’t require constant cleaning or venting. Electric fireplaces also eliminate the possibility of a fire spreading throughout your home. They are amazing pieces of technology that come in many different styles, so it’s easy to find the perfect electric fireplace for your home.

The different types of electric fireplaces include built-in electric, electric mantels, TV stand fireplaces and wall mounted. All these different types range in size and price, with TV stand electric fireplaces often being the least expensive.

Electric fireplaces also come with several disadvantages, including the fact that they don’t create authentic fire. Many people want a fireplace to produce actual flames that will burn right in front of them. Electric fireplaces also use energy, as opposed to wood-burning or gas fireplaces. That said, an average electric fireplace only uses 1,500 watts of electricity in high heat.

Gas fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are lower maintenance and less expensive than wood-burning fireplaces. These fireplaces use propane or natural gas to produce fire. That means no chopping wood or having to spend a bunch of money on logs. Most people choose natural gas over propane because it’s cheaper and produces a bit more heat.

With gas fireplaces, you don’t have to worry about ash or smoke. They’re also extremely easy to use. Instead of using a lighter or match to slowly build a fire, you only have to push a button with gas fireplaces. One of the only disadvantages to gas fireplaces is that they are sometimes difficult to install. This won’t be an issue if you work with a reputable residential fireplace contractor, though.

There are several different types of gas fireplaces, including direct vent, ventless, B-vent and more. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the perfect one usually comes down to your personal preferences.

Use the information featured above to pick the perfect fireplace for your home, and remember that each type of fireplace comes with its own perks. If you’re still wondering what kinds of fireplaces are best, consider speaking with a fireplace expert in your area.

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