Best Way to Clean Your Fireplace

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Maybe you’re a pro at dusting and vacuuming, but cleaning your fireplace has you stumped. When it comes to fireplace cleaning in Seattle, WA, you’re not sure how to approach the task. Use the following simple guide to get a fresh, clean fireplace in Seattle, WA.

How to clean a wood-burning fireplace

For wood-burning fireplaces, follow these seven steps. Depending on frequency of use, you may want to perform this task weekly or monthly:

1. Protect your surroundings: Before you start digging into the ashes, protect the area around the fireplace. Cover any carpeting and furniture that is nearby. Old sheets work great. Also, wear gloves and work clothes that you don’t mind staining with fireplace soot.

2. Gather supplies: You’ll need a lined trash can and extra bags to dispose of the fireplace waste. Make sure these are handy.

3. Clear away the debris: Consider how often you use your fireplace. If the use is infrequent, birds may have invaded the flue and built nests in this space. Start your fireplace cleaning in Seattle, WA by using a broomstick to remove any nests. You may need to do this from the rooftop.

4. Clean the firebox: Once you’ve removed all debris from nests, it’s time to clean the firebox. This is the space inside the fireplace where the logs burn. Remove the grate and andirons. Take them outside and scrub them. Use a fireplace shovel to remove all the ashes from the firebox and place them in your trashcan. Then sweep up any remaining dust. Lastly, line the fireplace with newspapers. This will help catch debris during the next step.

5. Clean the bricks: Using a wire brush, scrape soot-stained bricks to loosen the soot. Then use a baking-soda-and-water mixture to clean the bricks with a stiff-bristled brush.

6. Clear the creosote: Creosote deposits naturally occur when you burn wood in the fireplace. To clear out creosote, create a paste from warm water and baking soda; dishwashing soap can also be a good solution. Use this to clean away the buildup on your chimney. If you do not clean away the creosote, your fireplace will emit foul odors when you use it.

How to clean a gas fireplace

Cleaning a gas fireplace is quite simple compared to the chore of wood-burning fireplace cleaning in Seattle, WA. It involves two easy steps:

1. Turn off the valve: Always turn off the gas before attempting to clean a gas fireplace. Double-check to make sure the valve is in the off position.

2. Vacuum/wipe the debris: Suck up any dust and dirt in and around the fireplace with a vacuum attachment. Use a cloth or paintbrush to get any stubborn dust off the gas logs. This simple wipe and vacuum will keep your gas fireplace looking sharp.

Get more tips

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