Should I Get My Chimney Swept?

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If you have a fireplace in your home, you know how much ambience it can bring to a room. The warmth from the hearth, the smell of wood and the crackling of flames can create an instant mood. But with that mood-setting chimney comes the responsibility to keep it working properly.

If you burn wood in your fireplace regularly, or even just on an occasional basis, it’s important to schedule regular chimney sweeping in Seattle, WA. This isn’t something that needs to happen very often, but it’s important not to forget about it.

Why chimney cleaning is essential

While the process of chimney sweeping these days may not involve a group of talented dancers in tap shoes parading around the rooftop for your enjoyment, a la Mary Poppins, you will still benefit from regularly scheduled chimney sweeping. There are many reasons you should get your chimney swept in Seattle, WA.

A chimney sweep will remove blockages, soot and creosote buildup from your chimney. If left unchecked, these residues could create a fire hazard in your home.

Creosote is particularly dangerous. This highly flammable substance is a byproduct of burning wood and builds up on the walls of your chimney. It only takes a little bit of creosote glazing the inside of your chimney to create the potential for a chimney fire, which could spread to the roof and eventually consume the entire home. Pine wood in particular causes creosote buildup and should not be used as the main source of wood in a fireplace on a regular basis.

How often should a chimney be cleaned

Now that you know why it’s important, you may be wondering, “How often should I get my chimney swept?” The answer to that depends on how often you burn wood in the fireplace. Regardless, you should have it inspected on a regular basis.

Chimney inspections should be scheduled annually. This is important even if you never burn wood in the fireplace, because other venting systems in the house may be connected to the chimney as well, such as the furnace, stove or heating appliance systems.

The chimney sweep will let you know if you need a cleaning during these annual inspections. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, a fireplace should be cleaned when 1/8 inch of soot buildup is visible in the chimney and flue system. Some homeowners choose to have cleanings performed regularly no matter what, just for peace of mind.

The best time to schedule a chimney cleaning is before the weather turns cold, usually in summer or early fall. That way, your chimney will be clean and your fireplace will be ready to create that warm ambience in your home whenever you want it.

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean the inside of your chimney does not need to be cleaned on a regular basis. If you’re ready to schedule a chimney sweeping appointment in Seattle, WA, call Custom Fire Art today to establish a regular maintenance schedule.

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