Three Things to Look for When Buying a Fireplace

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At this point, you’ve already made the decision to install a fireplace. Next comes the hard part: choosing the best type of fuel, location and style. These are the main factors to put on your fireplace buying checklist before you consult a Seattle, WA hearth designer. Read on for a fireplace buying guide that delves into each of these factors in greater detail.

Type of fuel

The first step on your fireplace buying checklist is to choose between a wood, gas or electric fireplace. Wood fireplaces are best for homeowners who enjoy the process of stoking flames and filling the house with smoky, rustic aromas. However, there are downsides to owning a wood fireplace. They require a lot more maintenance than their gas or electric counterparts, due mostly to the need to sweep up the ashes after a fire. Wood fireplaces also need a chase, which limits where it can go in your home.

Unlike wood-burning ones, gas fireplaces are convenient and boost your home’s energy efficiency. They require zero cleanup and turn on with the simple flip of a switch. Tempered glass creates a tight seal to preserve the air quality in your living space. Gas fireplaces release combustion fumes back outside so you never have to deal with the toxic byproducts of a fire.

Electric models are another top choice in this fireplace buying guide because of their versatility. They don’t need a chimney, which means electric fireplaces can fit anywhere in your home. Plus, they give your home the ambience of a traditional fire without all the mess and lingering smells.

Indoor vs. outdoor

The type of fuel you choose depends partially on the location of your new fireplace. Wood, gas and electric systems are great for indoor spaces like dens and living rooms. However, your options are limited for outdoor entertainment areas. Wood and gas fireplaces should work just fine, but not electric ones. Electric fireplaces aren’t designed to withstand harsh outdoor elements and run the risk of short circuiting from the rainy climate of Seattle, WA.


The last item on your fireplace buying checklist is to pick out the design. Owners of modern homes often favor a minimalistic look that foregoes a traditional mantel and focuses on steel borders. Some fireplaces even have tempered glass on both sides of a dividing wall so residents can enjoy the cozy ambience from both the dining and living rooms.

Despite advances in fireplace technology, wood-burning hearths have endured the test of time. There are plenty of homeowners in Seattle, WA who prefer the timeless style of brick fireplaces. Grand mantels and stone veneers pay homage to the original aesthetic that came before all the different styles you see today.

It’s exciting to consider all the possibilities that come with a fireplace installation. But with so many options to choose from, you’ll need an expert to help you along the way. Get in touch with the artisans at Custom Fire Art to receive your own fireplace buying guide and more tips on how to pick out the hearth that’s perfect for your home.

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