Check Out These Holiday Mantel Decoration Ideas!

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You’ve probably already got your Seattle, WA home all decked out for the holidays, but it’s not too late to put a few extra ideas into action! If you have a fireplace, you can turn your mantel into the centerpiece of your room and use it to spread some extra holiday cheer.

Here’s a quick overview of some decorating trends that are great to implement with your mantel.

Add some texture

Whether stone or wood, your mantel is likely smooth and simple. You can add in a few textures during the holiday season to warm it up and make for a cozier appearance. You might consider some natural greenery, bundles of wood, pillows, burlap or other items and textures on the mantel and around the fireplace.

All of this will help you create more visual weight in the space, a concept that refers to the ability of contrasting textures or colors to draw your eye to a specific location. Rough textures are generally considered to have more visual weight, meaning they’ll be more likely to draw the eye, so use roughly textured items strategically as a means of adding extra visual interest.

Consider your color schemes

We’ve seen much more widespread use of white around fireplaces and mantels in recent years. During the holiday season, you can warm up the area around your fireplace by adding other colors. Red and green will be obvious choices, given the season, but there are other opportunities to create visual interest and more pops of color, including rose gold and silver mantel decorations in Seattle, WA. When paired with white, all of these colors will create a simple elegance that is both comfortable and tasteful without getting too gaudy, as some holiday decorations tend to do.

Choose your ideal accessories smartly

All of the little details you implement in your decorating can create quite the unique and appealing aesthetic.

Holiday-themed calligraphy signs have been all the rage in recent years, and continue to be a popular choice to place over the mantel. You can easily create one yourself, but you can also find them at hobby shops and department stores. You can also never go wrong with classic accessories on the mantel, like candles, white holiday lights and seasonal decorations. You can place little sprigs of pine or fir in clear bottles, or place pine cones or solid colored Christmas ornaments in a bowl or clear container.

Finally, perhaps the most classic mantel accessories of all at Christmastime are your stockings. Make sure you hang the stockings in such a way that you can still use your fireplace if you wish. You may need to get special hooks to fit on your mantel, or look into other methods of hanging the stockings that won’t involve having to install any permanent nails or screws.

For more holiday mantel decoration ideas in Seattle, WA, we encourage you to contact the team at Custom Fire Art today. We’d be happy to help you ensure your home is ready for the holidays!

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