Six Fireplace Safety Tips

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Having a fireplace in the home can be a wonderful element. It creates an instant gathering place for friends and family, and helps you feel connected to thousands of years of humanity. We have always been drawn to the warmth and captivating sights of a fire, but we also need to understand how to respect its power. Fireplace safety in Seattle, WA is something that should be taken seriously. At Custom Fire Art, we want our customers and their families to stay safe when they’re gathered around the hearth, and we’ve assembled some basic tips below to help you create a safe and fun environment:

  • Use quality wood: The wood you burn in your fireplace is going to have a big impact on how safe the fire is. Pine and other woods that give off sap should be avoided at all costs—the sap will gunk up the chimney and increase the likelihood of dangerous chimney fires. Dried wood burns better, which makes the fire easier to control and reduces the likelihood of sparks from spattering wood.
  • Keep the fireplace clean: Allowing ash and embers to accumulate from one fire to the next is a common fireplace hazard in Seattle, WA. Sweeping out the ash after every other fire or so is a great way to ensure the proper airflow keeps your fire going efficiently.
  • Schedule inspections: Your fireplace is not just the hearth—it’s also the chimney that rises up above it, and the structural integrity of these components should be checked regularly. You should schedule inspections every year or two to make sure the masonry is in good shape and the chimney is being kept clear of accumulating creosote.
  • Use smaller pieces of wood: Smaller pieces of wood burn faster and produce quite a bit less smoke than larger chunks, so you should use them whenever possible. It will make for a safer and more pleasant fire.
  • Close the damper when not in use: You should know how to open and close your fireplace’s damper, the little flap that allows smoke to flow from the fire up through the chimney. This is obviously critical to keep open when a fire is going, but when one isn’t, it can be an easy way to lose money on your heating bill as warm air goes right up the chimney. Just close the damper when there’s no fire going.
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors: Many people only have a carbon monoxide detector down near the furnace in the basement. While this is necessary, it’s not enough. Practicing good fireplace safety in Seattle, WA means keeping alert for the threat of this deadly gas, so carbon monoxide detectors should be installed outside of all sleeping areas as well.

If you’re in the market for a new fireplace for your home or business, Custom Fire art has the design services and expertise you’ve been looking for. We can modify existing structures or add entirely new ones—and all for a price that’s less than you might expect. We’re pleased to be the experts on fireplaces and fireplace safety in Seattle, WA, so give us a call today to learn more!

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