The Cost of Operating a Gas Fire Pit

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A gas fire pit is a beautiful, fun backyard feature that makes it possible to enjoy your outdoor space all year round. Naturally, most customers want to know how much it costs to operate a gas fire pit in Seattle, WA before they take the plunge.

There’s no universal answer for how much your gas fireplace will cost you to operate, since it varies with size, usage level and your utility costs. However, the good news is that gas fire pits tend to be relatively inexpensive, even if you use them pretty frequently. Read on to see what factors into your operation costs:

  • Size of the fire pit: The more gas your fire pit uses, the more it will cost to operate—although it may be a fairly negligible amount. When you’re shopping for a gas fire pit, consider how you plan to use it. Will you be hosting large parties for your home or business, or do you want a small residential fire pit so the kids can roast marshmallows on occasion? Choose a size that makes sense for your needs, keeping in mind that as your family or business grows, you might wish you had sprung for a bigger model.
  • Current energy rates: The natural gas energy rates will affect your bill, too. Currently, Seattle’s natural gas prices are lower than the American average, but that can change over time. You might also consider whether you use gas for other applications, such as in your HVAC system, water heater or stove. If you don’t use natural gas for any other reason in your home, the operating costs will be more expensive on average, thanks to the utility company’s basic charge for gas accessibility.
  • Usage: Obviously, the more often you use your fire pit, the more you’ll pay to operate it. This is a no-brainer, but some folks worry that they’ll be racking up huge gas bills if they light a fire for a few hours every night. Luckily, that’s not the case. Although gas prices vary from place to place, one Maryland company estimates that running a gas fire pit costs well under 50 cents per hour. For most residential usage, even using it for a couple hours every single day would cost you under $30 per month.
  • Comparisons: Finally, keep in mind that using natural gas in your fire pit is significantly cheaper—and more environmentally friendly—than installing a wood-burning fire pit.

When you’re considering the operating costs of a gas fire pit in Seattle, WA, don’t forget to weigh the costs against the amount of enjoyment you’ll get from it. Many people find their gas fire pit to be an aesthetic focal point of their backyards, and adding the benefit of an outdoor fire pit ensures that they can hang out in their backyard whenever they want, all year long.

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