Yes—You Can Cook on Your Fire Pit!

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Many Seattle, WA homeowners ask us, “Can you cook on your fire pit?” Of course you can! With a little extra equipment, fire pit cooking can replace your barbecue set up anytime. You can set up a grill, rotisseries or any other gear that helps you create the food you desire. Here are five advantages to fire pit cooking that will inspire you to find the needed tools now:

  • More fuel choices: Most barbecue grills cannot accommodate a wood fire. That is not an issue with a fire pit. You can use wood or charcoal to fuel your cooking fire, and some propane fire pits can also offer cooking heat. Many customers use specific wood fuel to transfer flavors to meat or enhance cooking fragrances.
  • The social atmosphere: You can huddle around a grill for conversation as cooking occurs, but it does not offer the same atmosphere as an outdoor fire. Fire pits also allow more space for people to hang out as their food cooks, which enhances the sociability factor. While we may be sheltering in place now and staying safe, that will not be the situation forever. Consider this the year you remodel your outdoor spaces for more social interaction when the time is right for it.
  • No giant tool investment: To start cooking over your fire pit, just purchase a grill and tripod. That’s all you really need to get started! As you become hooked on this form of cooking, you can purchase other setups like a rotisserie. That allows you to roast whole animals or larger portions when you can have those big outdoor parties once again. If you want to cook multiple dishes, you can supplement your fire pit with simple campfires. Just be sure to build these fires safely and surround them with stones. Keep a bucket of water nearby, too.
  • All the cooking options: Grilling is definitely an option, as are rotisseries. You can also use cast iron skillets or wrap potatoes and vegetables in aluminum foil. Pull all your camping options out of your garage and into your backyard—tin can cooking remains an option, as do Dutch ovens. There is no reason to be limited to grilled meat when soups, stews and braises are also possibilities. You can even cook breakfast over an open fire pit with a good cast iron skillet.
  • It’s fun: Many people cook over open fires just because it’s fun. With crowded campsites not being an option right now, bringing the camping aesthetic to your yard is a great way to add to that staycation. You do not heat up your home by turning on kitchen appliances, and you encourage your household to put down electronic devices and sit outside. This is a great way to enjoy summer weather and cook great food.

Custom Fire Art in offers the gear you need for fire pit cooking in Seattle, WA. We always answer with an enthusiastic “yes” when customers ask us about cooking on a fire pit. Call us today if you need tools or wish to add a fire pit to your outdoor kitchen.

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