Five Easy Approaches to Starting a Fire in Your Fire Pit

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There are few things quite as cozy as curling up around a fire pit with friends and family members on a cool fall or winter evening. If you’re anxious to start putting your fire pit to use this fall, or if you’re thinking about installing a fire pit on your property, you’ll want to make sure you know how to easily start a fire in a fire pit in Seattle, WA.

Whether you have a lot of experience starting fires or you’ve never used a fire pit before, there is always more to learn about properly starting fires. Here are a few different ways to start your outdoor fire pit in Seattle, WA:

  • Traditional fire starting: Traditional fire starting is a popular option for people who don’t mind the effort involved and don’t want to take shortcuts with kindling or fire starters. First, gather the dry materials that you need to start a fire, including logs, kindling and tinder. Kindling can be pine needles, bark shavings or even dryer lint, while tinder includes small twigs and sticks that are about an inch in diameter. Once you’ve gathered these materials, make a pile of tinder, stack the kindling in a pyramid formation on top and then light the tinder to start the fire. As the fire catches on the kindling, add bigger pieces until the fire is big enough to start adding logs.
  • Simplified fire starting: A simpler way to start fires is to use fire starters as tinder and fatwood as kindling. These items can be purchased online or at a store that sells outdoor gear. This makes it easier to start a fire without spending time gathering kindling and tinder from outside.
  • Steel burner pipes: Steel burner pipes are devices that are installed in fire pits to simplify the fire-starting process. Simply place a log on top of the burner pipe and activate the gas valve. Once the log is on fire, turn off the gas and add logs to the fire as needed.
  • Gas-fueled systems: A gas-fueled system is great for people who want to enjoy fire pits without burning logs. These systems are controlled by a knob that alters the flow of gas and ignites with a pilot light. After you’re done using your fire pit, simply shut off the gas to stop the fire.
  • Remote-controlled ignition: For an even more convenient way to start your fire pit in Seattle, WA, consider installing a fire pit with a remote-controlled ignition system. These can be activated with the touch of a button and can be turned off just as easily.

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