Wood Burning vs. Gas Fireplaces

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Installing a fireplace or upgrading your current one is a fantastic way to add value to your home while creating a gathering space for your friends and family. However, installing a fireplace isn’t always an easy decision. Choosing between gas and wood-burning fireplaces can be tricky for some homeowners! The good news is that our team at Custom Fire Art is here to help you make that decision. Continue reading to learn about a few of the main gas fireplace pros in Seattle, WA.


The first advantage gas fireplaces have over wood-burning models has to do with safety. Failure to clean wood-burning fireplaces can lead to devastating chimney fires that can destroy an entire house. Additionally, lighting a wood-burning fireplace isn’t always easy and could lead to burns. Gas fireplaces don’t pose a risk of creating a chimney fire, and you turn them on with the flip of a switch.


The fires mentioned above are often caused by failing to remove all of the creosote buildup in the chimney of a wood-burning fireplace. Homeowners with a wood-burning fireplace are advised to hire a chimney cleaning company once a year to remove that hazardous material. Since gas fireplaces don’t produce any soot or creosote, there’s no need to worry about that form of maintenance. However, we do recommend having your fireplace inspected every now and then to ensure it’s functioning properly.

Annual costs

Since you might not have to use your central heating system as much in the winter, both wood-burning and gas fireplaces can save you money on your monthly heating costs. However, a gas fireplace is less expensive to operate than a wood-burning one. So, if you’re trying to save some money when deciding between wood-burning vs. gas fireplaces in Seattle, WA, go with gas.

Since natural gas is fairly inexpensive, a gas fireplace costs about $60 per year to operate. A wood-burning fireplace, on the other hand, will cost about $190 annually to produce the same amount of heat.

Get your fireplace from Custom Fire Art

Now you know some of the gas fireplace pros in Seattle, WA, but do you know where to get your new fireplace? Here are a few reasons to turn to our team at Custom Fire Art:

  • Full-service company: If you thought we just install beautiful fireplaces, think again! Along with designing and building fireplaces, we create custom fire pits, outdoor kitchens and more. Additionally, we service all of the products we install.
  • Award-winning designs: Look no further than our team at Custom Fire Art if you want your fireplace to stand out among other homes in your neighborhood. We’ve received a number of awards for our beautifully-crafted fire features that are sure to turn heads.

Whether you’re still deciding between a wood-burning vs. a gas fireplace in Seattle, WA or you’re ready to have your new fireplace installed, give our team at Custom Fire Art a call. Nobody matches our level of expertise when it comes to installing fireplaces, fire pits, outdoor kitchens and more!

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