Things to Consider When Purchasing a New Fire Pit

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If your family spends a lot of time in your backyard, having a fire pit is a must! Fire pits are great for gathering with the whole family and making s’mores, telling campfire stories and generally just having a good time in the great outdoors regardless of the season.

Fire pits can add a ton of value to your home—that is, if you build the fire pit the right way. Keep reading to learn a few backyard fire pit tips in Seattle, WA and to get some advice on how to choose the best fire pit for your home.

Permanent vs. portable

Your first big decision is choosing between a permanent or a portable fire pit. While they both provide warmth and a focal point for your backyard, a permanent fire pit is your best bet. A custom-designed permanent fire pit can add thousands of dollars to your home’s value. You also won’t have to worry about storing your permanent fire pit after using it. Even though they’re more expensive than portable ones, a permanent fire pit is well-worth the investment.

Wood burning vs. gas

Now that you know you want a permanent fire pit, you’ll need to choose between a wood burning or a gas fire pit. Again, both ensure a fun time in the great outdoors, but a gas fire pit is often a better choice, especially for those with children or pets. Since gas fire pits involve less maintenance while the fire is roaring and are easier to start, we believe they’re much safer than their wood-burning counterparts.


Jazz up your outdoor fire pit by installing built-in seating around the fire feature. Built-in seating adds value to the fire pit area and ensures nobody ever gets too close to the flame. You’ll also never have to worry about dragging lawn chairs out from the garage or storage shed when you want to enjoy your fire pit.

Safety tips

Being around a fire pit comes with some inherent danger, especially for young kids and pets. Follow these safety tips for backyard fire pits in Seattle, WA to ensure everyone has fun without getting harmed:

  • Location: When constructing your fire pit, be sure it’s far enough away from your home that it won’t start a house fire. We recommend keeping it at least 10 feet away, but the farther, the better.
  • Wind: Before lighting your fire, be sure to check the direction of the wind. Another one of our safety tips for your backyard fire pit in Seattle, WA is to avoid using your fire pit on particularly windy evenings.
  • Clothing: Flammable clothing, like nylon, should never be worn while you’re enjoying the fire pit. Even if you’re standing at a safe distance, a rogue ember could float up from a wood burning fire pit and ignite the material.

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One of the best backyard fire pit tips in Seattle, WA is to hire our team to design and install your new fire pit. We have years of experience building beautiful fire pits that create a cozy place for friends and family to gather while adding tons of value to your home. Give us a call today to get started with your new fire pit!

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