What Does Fire Glass Do to a Fire Pit?

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Fire glass comes in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes, and is a great way to customize your fire pit to exude style and blend well with your outdoor décor and landscaping. However, fire pit glass in Seattle, WA isn’t just meant to be decorative—there are practical benefits that come with using it as well.

To understand the benefits of fire glass, it is important to first understand what exactly fire glass is. This type of decorative glass option is designed to be used specifically with fireplaces and fire pits. It has gone through a tempering process that makes it safe to use in high-temperature environments. As such, it will never melt, smoke or give off toxic odors or emissions in the way standard, untempered glass might when exposed to such conditions. Standard glass might even explode when put next to fire for an extended period of time. If fire glass breaks, its shards are tumbled to ensure there are no sharp or dangerous edges, making it safe to use.

How is all this beneficial for use in a fire pit? Let’s take a look:

  • Aesthetics: We’ll start with aesthetics. Obviously, fire glass can add a lot of aesthetic value to a fire pit. It is highly customizable, allowing you to make a fire pit that is truly unique and one that is befitting of your own personal style and preferences. Beyond the style, color and shape you select, it will add to the ambience of your fire by reflecting the light. The shimmering effect that comes from this reflection can enhance the design of your fire pit.
  • Spreading gas: Individual glass pieces used in the fire pit will help to more evenly distribute gas throughout the pit, which helps you create a fuller and more natural flame. If you have a fire pit burner without this glass media, it’s more likely you’ll have issues with a smaller, unattractive flame, as the gas will burn too efficiently and without having any kind of variation in the appearance of the flame.
  • Durable: Fire glass is designed to be long lasting—it’s capable of holding up for a lifetime under standard conditions. It is capable of soaking up the heat of the fire and sending it back out as infrared heat. Of course, it’s not entirely indestructible—there are ways the glass can be damaged or broken, particularly if too much glass is installed on top of the burner or if there are any heavy decorative features placed on the glass. This is why it’s important to follow all manufacturer instructions when installing and using the glass.
  • Versatile: Fire glass can be used with both propane and natural gas fire pits. For propane fire pits, you should select glass that is half an inch thick or more to allow the propane to rise more easily through the pieces of glass.

For more information about why fire pit glass is an outstanding fire pit feature in Seattle, WA, contact Custom Fire Art today.

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