Five Additions That Add Value to Your Home

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Whether you are getting ready to sell your home or you are investing in your property to make it nicer for you and your family, there are many projects you can undertake to increase the overall value. This is especially true for additions you can build into the outdoor living spaces surrounding your house. In fact, fire pits are just one of the many investments you can make to improve your home value in Seattle, WA.

Fire pits

Real estate data shows that fire pits and home resale value in Seattle, WA are directly correlated with one another. When you install a stunning fire pit in your yard, you are creating an additional space for people to gather in when the weather is nice. Without actually adding any square footage to your home, a fire pit area makes the property seem larger and more inviting.


Many homes already have patios. If your does, it’s worth repairing, refinishing or refurbishing this outdoor area to increase your home’s value. If your home does not have a patio, it’s worth spending the money to add one. Research indicates that sellers can enjoy almost a 500 percent return on investment when they upgrade or build a patio.

Outdoor kitchens

Delivering up to a 200 percent return on investment, outdoor kitchens are very fashionable right now as more people explore their options as home chefs. You’ll want to build the outdoor kitchen with plenty of counter space, but avoid flashy add-ons like pizza ovens that cost a sizeable amount but don’t earn that much if you’re intending to sell the property.

Extended roof hanging or pergola

Adding more shade to your yard is a worthwhile addition to make. Especially in the Pacific Northwest, covered outdoor areas make it easy for families to enjoy the outdoors even when it’s raining. Current estimates indicate that homeowners get a 50 percent return on investment when they extend their roof hangings or build a pergola. Make sure any of these changes provide enough shade to cover a table or any outdoor seating so it’s comfortable for everyone.

Wooden decks

There’s nothing like soaking up the sun on a summer day from the comfort of your own deck. Adding a deck is an expensive endeavor, but many homeowners recoup up to 82 percent of their costs. Just don’t extend your deck too far out into your yard, limiting the grassy area available.

If your home already has a wooden deck, you will definitely want to update it before selling. Seal the wood and install some new lighting, and you might see up to 600 percent in recovered costs.

If you are getting ready to sell your house or you want to improve the place you call “home,” adding a fire pit is always a worthwhile investment. There’s no denying that fire pits and home value in Seattle, WA are related, and a new feature can help you sell your home quickly. Custom Fire Art has spent more than a decade building custom fire pits for homeowners throughout the Seattle area. Get in touch with us today to start creating your own fire pit!

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