Spring Cleaning Your Fire Pit

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Your fire pit gives you the perfect place to unwind and entertain guests, but it can be challenging to keep outdoor fire pits in Seattle, WA clean and well maintained. If you want to start using your fire pit once the weather warms up this spring, it’s smart to invest some time into spring cleaning and maintenance. With the right techniques, tips and tricks, your fireplace will be ready for spring and summer before you know it.

Spring cleaning tips

Follow these spring cleaning tips to keep your outdoor fire pit looking great and functioning effectively, efficiently and safely for years to come:

  • Clear away debris: One of the most important things to do when maintaining your fire pit is clear away debris. Start by sweeping away leaves, branches and other debris that have accumulated on and around your fire pit. Next, scrub away any residual combustible liquids that may have built up around your fire pit. Cleaning these residual liquids improves the safety of your fire pit and minimizes the risk of stray flames.
  • Maintain vents: Ventilation is essential for the safe and effective operation of outdoor fire pits in Seattle, WA, so make sure to maintain your vents as part of your spring-cleaning routine. Remove any debris from your fire pit vents and clean them to promote proper airflow in your fire space.
  • Inspect internal components: Check the internal components of your fire pit to clear away debris and look for any damage that requires repair. It’s common for pests like rodents and insects to nest in outdoor fire pits in Seattle, WA during the winter months, so make sure to check for nests inside your internal fire pit components.
  • Clean your burner: Make sure your burner is properly cleaned and maintained before you start using your outdoor fire space again. Gently clean your burner with a soft brush to clear away debris, cobwebs, dust and residual particles. Take apart the components of your fire pit to thoroughly clean your burner.
  • Inspect your pilot light: Your pilot light ensures consistent ignition of your outdoor fire pit. Inspect your pilot light to make sure it’s functioning properly and to ensure it’s clear of any debris or residual grime. Clean your pilot light carefully and make sure it’s not obstructed by any residue or particles before you start using your fire pit again this spring. If your pilot light is broken, take care of repairs as soon as possible to minimize complications.

Outdoor fire pits in Seattle, WA

For more tips about how to maintain outdoor fire pits in Seattle, WA, reach out to the team at Custom Fire Art. We offer comprehensive fireplace and fire pit design and construction services to commercial and residential customers alike. No matter what kind of fire feature you want for your home or business, we are here to ensure that you get the feature that’s perfect for your needs. Give us a call to find out more about what we have to offer and to arrange a consultation.

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