Ideas for Continuing to Use Your Fire Pit During the Winter

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Just because winter has arrived doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy some pleasant evenings around the fire! If you have a fire pit on your property, you can enjoy the outdoors while huddling around a nice warm fire. There are plenty of ways you can make these wintertime fire pit experiences special and memorable for everyone who shares them with you.

With this in mind, here are a few tips from a residential fire pit designer in Seattle, WA for enjoying your fire pit throughout the winter:

  • Move the fire pit location: If you have a fire pit you can easily move, then you might consider positioning it on your patio or deck, so long as the area is clear of wires or branches hanging overhead and isn’t too close to your house. Obviously, if the area is covered by a roof, then it’s not going to be a good idea. For wood decks, make sure that you have protective fireproof mats or concrete surfaces on which you can place the fire pit so you don’t run the risk of starting a fire.
  • Have a party outdoors: You can have special winter-themed parties outdoors and keep the fire pit running all day long, and even into the evening. Have snowman making contests if there’s been snow, cook over an open fire, wrap up in blankets and sleeping bags, have hot beverages and enjoy each other’s company. This is a great idea whether you do it at home, or at your favorite camping or hunting spot.
  • Bring the fire pit on your adventures: Assuming you have a portable fire pit, you can take it with you whenever you go on snowmobiling, sledding or snowshoeing adventures. Bring the pit along with you, and when you’re done with your excitement for the day, you can start up a fire, get warm, roast some marshmallows and hot dogs and enjoy each other’s company around the fire.
  • Create a snow fort: If you have enough snow, you can use it to create a snow fort and put the fire pit inside, so long as you’re able to vent it. Think of it as your own homemade igloo! As long as you’re safe about it, this will be a great way to enjoy the outdoors, do something memorable in the snow and keep yourself warm and protected from the wind once you’re inside. Kids especially get a big kick out of creating snow forts!
  • Use it as an extra cooking space: Need some extra cooking space for holiday parties? Consider some popular treats you can cook over an open fire while you’ve got the oven running inside. The holiday season is a time for hosting friends and family, and your cooking areas will probably fill up rather quickly!

These are just a few examples of some of the ways you can use your fire pit throughout the winter months. For more information, contact Custom Fire Art to speak with a residential fire pit designer in Seattle, WA today.

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