Considering Fire Pit Installation in Seattle, WA? Here Are Five Fun Ways to Use a Fire Pit in the Wintertime

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The benefits of using your fire pit in the summertime are numerous and need very little introduction. However, just because summer is almost over doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop. In fact, there are several unique and exciting ways in which you can take advantage of the year-round possibilities your fire pit provides. Read on to learn about five fun ways that your fire pit installation in Seattle, WA can be enjoyed even after the temperatures cool off near the end of the year.

  • Warm up in a snow fort: Building a snow fort to house your fire pit is a fun winter activity that offers multiple advantages. When the fort is completed, you will have a structure that does a great job of blocking the wind and cold air, allowing you to enjoy your time around the fire pit in a cozy outdoor environment. More importantly, you will have the opportunity to spend quality time with your children or other friends and family while you are building the fort.
  • Throw a winter party: Unfortunately, the ground will eventually be covered by snow, but this shouldn’t deter you from throwing an outdoor winter party. With your fire pit as the focal point of your outdoor festivities, you can put together a great evening of fun for family and friends that includes food, warm beverages and winter games.
  • Bring it along for your snowshoeing adventure: For those that enjoy snowshoeing every winter, why not bring along your fire pit this year? With your portable fire pit in tow, you can stop at the midway point to warm up over a cozy fire, while cooking a little bit of lunch for everyone in the group.
  • Enjoy on your patio or outdoor kitchen: If enjoying your fire pit in the snow doesn’t appeal to you, try moving it to a more accessible space like the patio or outdoor kitchen area. When you do use your fire pit in these spaces, make sure that it isn’t underneath a roof or any type of overhead wiring, and use a fire-resistant pad to keep the surface protected.
  • Tabletop fire pits: If you don’t have an outdoor space that you can use during the winter, consider an indoor tabletop fireplace. On chilly nights spent indoors, this type of fire pit can be just as enjoyable as the one outside and will require less overall maintenance. They can also be great décor pieces for smaller apartments.

If you enjoy entertaining and spending time with your friends and family outdoors, no matter the season, a custom fire pit is just what you need to heat up your winter nights. Whether you are interested in custom fire pit installation in Seattle, WA or you want to learn about how to best keep your current fire pit ready for use during the winter months, contact the team at Custom Fire Art. We’ll make sure your fire pit has everything it needs for you to keep the fun going year-round!

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