Six Reasons to Consider Installing an Outdoor Kitchen

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Home additions and the creation of outdoor living spaces are rising in popularity, especially when it comes to cooking spaces. Ready to get grilling and entertaining? Before you contact an outdoor kitchen builder in Seattle, WA, read on. Here are six good reasons to build an outdoor kitchen:

  • You grill outside often: Whether your favorite foods include steak, burgers, chicken, hot dogs, seafood, veggie patties or fresh vegetables, and you love a smoky flavor, then chances are they taste better when grilled. But what are you grilling on? If you have a portable grill and find yourself grilling outside more than a couple times a week, there’s little doubt that you would enjoy an outdoor kitchen.
  • You grill no matter the season: While summer is prime time for outdoor grilling, snow, rain and cold winds won’t stop the most die-hard grillers. Maybe your year-round mindset is “everything tastes better on the grill.” That’s fantastic—imagine having an outdoor kitchen right off your back patio to grill not only during the summer months, but throughout the winter holidays as well!
  • The local weather is warm: Living in a warm climate often means regular sunshine and more time spent outdoors. If you live in such an area, the last place you want to be on nice days is trapped inside cooking in a boxed-in kitchen. An outdoor kitchen build can change that! Ready to take advantage of the beautiful local weather every chance you get? Get outside, get cooking and get social!
  • It’s inconvenient to prep food indoors: One complaint many avid home grillers have is having to prep all the ingredients inside in the kitchen, then run the main foods outside to put them on the grill. You’re having to run back and forth to monitor everything that’s cooking. With an outdoor kitchen, you will have countertops for prep space, burners for pots and pans and a grill all together in the comforts of your backyard.
  • You have the outdoor space to build: Not everyone who wants an outdoor kitchen has the space to build one. But if you do have the space available and are looking to improve your yard with landscape and outdoor features, consider hiring an outdoor kitchen builder to help design the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Cooking outdoors will never be the same again!
  • Increase the value of your property: Many home improvements can boost the resale value of your property, and a professionally installed outdoor kitchen is one such improvement. It’s a feature that doesn’t require much maintenance and is easy to add onto through the years. Realtors agree that an outdoor kitchen is a standout attraction to many potential home buyers, no matter what time of year you decide to sell.

If you are not sure whether building an outdoor kitchen in your backyard is the right move for you, talk to an outdoor kitchen builder in Seattle, WA at Custom Fire Art. Feel free to contact us today with any questions or to set up a consultation to discuss your dream project!

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