Cooking in Your Fire Pit

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Once you’ve invested in a fire pit, you’re probably looking for any excuse to light it up and spend time around it. One cool thing you can do with your fire pit is use it to cook dinner! With a few simple techniques, you’ll be cooking wonderful homemade meals outside in no time.

But before you start getting ahead of yourself, you’ll need that fire pit you’ve been dreaming about. Contact a custom fireplace contractor in Seattle, WA to learn more about these options:

  • Sticks: The most traditional way to cook over a fire is by using sticks. You can use traditional sticks you find outside, or long-handled skewers that you don’t have to worry about catching fire. If you choose a stick, look for green wood that has been stripped of its bark. Try expanding past good old marshmallows and cook hot dogs, sausages or even skewers of meat and vegetable kebabs. Pair this with a salad for a great full-course meal outdoors.
  • Grill: By placing a grill over a low-burning fire, you can turn any fire pit into a traditional grill. This way, you can cook anything on it that you would cook on a regular grill, including burgers, hot dogs, chicken, vegetables and even kebabs. It’s best not to have large flames when cooking this way, so your food is less at risk of burning or cooking too fast on the outside while remaining raw on the inside.
  • Get creative: Pair your grill with a skillet for frying foods that are too small or liquid-rich to withstand the grill slats, such as fried eggs, bacon or omelets. Plus, you can add a pot to the mix and make any assortment of stews, soups and more.
  • Foil packets: Try something new by cooking with foil packets. Heavy-duty aluminum foil can be used to wrap food up and then place it in the coal area of the fire pit. Wrap up a potato or apple this way for a crispy-skinned delicious treat. You can try stuffing your potato with onion, garlic, bacon or cheese to really elevate the taste. Chicken and vegetables are also excellent this way and can take on a smoky flavor.
  • Barbecuing: Use the grill method for a traditional barbecue with your fire pit. Steaks, corn, burgers and chicken can all be coated with barbecue sauce and served with mashed potatoes and baked beans for a barbecue party. Using a cover along with a mesh grill will help food cook even faster.

The options are endless when cooking with fire pits, and are just as versatile as your creativity. If you’re ready to invest in a fire pit, contact a custom fireplace contractor in Seattle, WA today. Since 2008, our team at Custom Fire Art has been proud to provide customers with professional services and products that are designed to enhance their homes. We are fully licensed and bonded so you can feel confident in trusting our work. Learn more about our products and services, as well as find more information about using your new fire pit, by perusing our website or giving us a call.

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