Outdoor Kitchen Trends for 2019

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Are you thinking of adding an outdoor kitchen to your home in 2019? Perhaps you are making some renovations or additions to your current outdoor kitchen. To make sure your space includes the latest and greatest features, your outdoor kitchen builder in Seattle, WA offers the following guide.

Check out these trends to make your outdoor kitchen up-to-date, attractive and convenient. With modern innovations, consumers have great options for every area of their outdoor kitchen.


Gone are the days of having to rely on a campfire for outdoor cooking. With today’s outdoor kitchen appliances, your menu can expand far beyond hot dogs and s’mores. You can even store your supplies in your outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchen builders in Seattle, WA can incorporate refrigerated drawers, freezers and ice bin coolers into the design of your kitchen.

For cooking options, deep fryers, smokers and pizza ovens are all popular additions. Warming drawers add further convenience. Burners and griddles are also options for a perfect place to prepare and enjoy breakfast outdoors.


With modern lighting selections, you don’t have to limit your outdoor kitchen use to daylight hours. Wall sconces were once the norm for outdoor kitchens, but outdoor kitchen builders in Seattle, WA are now using even more creative solutions for lighting this space.

LED strip lighting is a top choice. This can help illuminate small spaces, cabinets, seating ledges, steps and more. It also adds visual appeal and can enhance architectural details.

Another popular option is a chandelier. This fixture adds style and illumination for covered outdoor kitchens. A variety of options are available to match any kitchen size and design.


Of course, you want more than just a space for cooking. An inviting outdoor kitchen also offers convenient and comfortable seating.

Great options include an extended counter that creates a bar. This is a good way to provide seating without requiring a lot of additional space. Simply add a few stools and you have an enticing outdoor bar. Another option is to use low walls to define the space that can also act as seating. Use decorative masonry to make your kitchen really sharp.


To further enhance the appeal of your outdoor kitchen, add elements for entertaining. Outdoor kitchen builders in Seattle, WA recommend the placement of speakers in your kitchen to provide music for your next patio party. Whether you are relaxing with the family or entertaining neighbors, this feature will add further convenience and appeal to your space. A variety of outdoor speaker options are available to use in your kitchen.

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