Five Exciting Innovations in Fireplace Design and Function

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Fireplaces have been a common feature inside the average residential home for decades, but not all fireplaces are created equal. Many homeowners fail to use their fireplaces or don’t like using them regularly. Often, this is because the fireplaces are outdated and don’t provide the comfort homeowners are looking for.

In today’s world, innovations can be found just about anywhere, including in the fireplace industry. There have been many recent advances in fireplace features that make fireplaces more appealing to consumers.

If your fireplace is old, outdated or unused, consider fireplace remodeling in Seattle, WA to implement some of these exciting new features and make your fireplace a key element of your home.

Heat control options

Heat output from fireplaces typically occurs in the room the fireplace is located in. While this normally creates a cozy atmosphere, heat is not always welcome, limiting the time that homeowners feel comfortable firing up their fireplace during the year.

New dynamic heat control features allow homeowners to redirect heat from the fireplace to another room in the home or out of the home completely. Not only will you be able to minimize the additional heat in the immediate area, but you can also more safely hang artwork or electronics close to the fireplace without the risk of heat damage, because heat above the fireplace will be significantly reduced.

Flexible vents

Flex vents are aluminum venting structures that are flexible, so they can more easily bend around structural elements of the home. Unlike the more rigid and restrictive venting systems of the past, flexible venting opens up new possibilities for fireplace placement and is easier to install. For these reasons, you’ll have many more choices when it comes to installing a new fireplace in your home.

Smart fireplace controls

“Smart” fireplaces, or fireplaces with automated controls, fit in perfectly with the technology-driven homes of today. Almost everything can be automated these days, and fireplaces are no exception. Many of these smart fireplaces include remotes that allow you to program memory settings, implement child locks and control the pilot light.

Screens can be automated and controlled with remotes, too. This option is perfect for outdoor fireplaces, so you can keep debris out of the fireplace when it’s not in use and lower the screen with ease while you’re enjoying the blaze.

Eco-friendly fireplaces

To keep up with the increasing importance of environmentally friendly home improvements, eco-friendly fireplaces have hit the market. These fireplaces include a number of sustainable features, such as clean-burning fuel and more efficient pilot lights.

Fireplace inserts can also let you burn wood pellets in your fireplace, which are a more sustainable option than traditional wood.

Updated electric fireplaces

Past models of electric fireplaces used fake flames to create ambience along with additional heat, but many homeowners preferred the realistic look of actual fireplaces. Thanks to technology, electric fireplaces are becoming much more realistic-looking and offer a host of additional options, like the ability to turn the heat on and off with ease, change flame and ember bed style options and shutdown faster.

Electric fireplaces are also ideal choices for small spaces and places with tighter fire regulations where a normal fireplace may not be welcome. They are also very easy to install.

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