Tips to Protect Your Outdoor Kitchen from the Elements

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Outdoor kitchens are an enjoyable way to enjoy your outdoor spaces during the nice spring, summer and early fall weather while still holding on to some of the comfort and elegance of your indoor spaces. However, you need to make sure these outdoor kitchens are able to hold up to bad weather, especially given how much it rains here in the Seattle area.

With this in mind, here are some tips from an outdoor kitchen builder in Seattle, WA about how you can weatherproof your outdoor kitchen:

  • Choose the right location: Determining the best location on your property for the outdoor kitchen will go a long way toward keeping it in good condition. Keep in mind the wind patterns in your area and on your property to avoid smoke going into the home. Also, try to choose an area that has a little more natural protection from the elements, such as near mature trees and other types of coverings.
  • Pick protected flooring: The floor layout you select will be the foundation of your outdoor kitchen, which means it needs to be one that is capable of withstanding rain, wind and other elements. Keep in mind that different types of materials react differently to moisture. You should not use, for example, marble or tile, because rain will make it slippery and dangerous. Wood is always a good alternative as it won’t get slippery and can be weatherproofed, plus you can stain or paint it to match your appliances and décor.
  • Use coverings: Covering up your outdoor kitchen with a roof or canopy will help you use that space in all types of weather. You can also build up walls to protect against high winds or place umbrellas around your exterior kitchen to block the sun and other elements. Mosquito nets and heat lamps are also a couple types of items that some people consider using to make their outdoor spaces more pleasant to use.
  • Install lights: If you plan on using your outdoor kitchen when it’s dark as well as during the day, you should have a few lights installed. Make sure those lights can shine on your cooking, food prep and eating spaces—they’ll make it safer for you to use the outdoor kitchen while also making the space a little more functional and comfortable.
  • Pick weather-resistant appliances: Any appliances you install in your outdoor kitchen should be made from materials that are weather resistant. Ideally these appliances will be made of either ceramic or stainless steel, as they’ll hold up to long-term rain and sun exposure. Avoid placing them next to each other if possible.
  • Select weatherproof furniture: This should be relatively easy, as there are so many different types of patio furniture available at most home goods and furnishing stores. Just make sure you don’t purchase any materials that aren’t likely to stand up to moisture very well.

For more tips about weatherproofing your outdoor kitchen, contact an outdoor kitchen builder in Seattle, WA.

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