How to Prepare Your Indoor Fireplace in Seattle, WA for the Summer

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Even though you might not think much about your fireplace during the summer months, it’s important that you take the appropriate steps to care for it after the prime heating season is over. Without the proper care and maintenance, your indoor fireplace in Seattle, WA may not be ready to be used when winter comes around again. If you are consistent with your spring and summer cleaning and maintenance, though, it will be much easier to get your chimney and fireplace in shape to be used again when the weather cools down. Make sure you add these fireplace tips to your spring home maintenance list.

Wood burning fireplaces

If wood burning fireplaces aren’t cared for appropriately, the risk of a fire starting increases significantly because of the buildup of ash, creosote and other debris. To avoid this, make sure to clean your fireplace after summer. Before you begin cleaning your fireplace, it’s important to ensure that there are no hot embers inside and that surrounding furnishings and surfaces are protected. Lay down a drop cloth to cover the flooring in front of your fireplace, and move items and furniture out of the way before you start cleaning. You can use a shovel to clean ash out of your fireplace and put it in a bucket or container. Once you’ve removed the bulk of the ash, you can use a brush to sweep off the sides of your fireplace box. You can clean the glass door of your fireplace with a damp cloth to remove residual debris and complete your fireplace cleaning.

Gas fireplaces

The good news is that gas fireplaces are usually relatively easy to maintain. First, you will need to shut off fuel to your fireplace by turning off your pilot. Once your fireplace has cooled down completely, you can remove the glass guards and clean them off with a cloth and an appropriate cleaning solution. Then, clean dust and debris from your fireplace with a brush or vacuum. You should take the time to inspect your gas fireplace for any signs of cracking or other damage. Make sure to speak to a professional if you have any concerns to ensure that your indoor fireplace in Seattle, WA is still in good shape.

Install an indoor fireplace in Seattle, WA

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