Transform Your Home Life by Adding a New Outdoor Kitchen in Seattle, WA

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Nothing screams “summer” more than barbecuing in the backyard. Grilling up a steak or burgers before a dip in the pool is one of the best ways to enjoy the warm weather with friends and family. Unfortunately, firing up the grill does come with its fair share of challenges. Many cooks find themselves doing most of the prep work cooking inside before heading outside to use the grill. The meat must be taken from the indoor fridge and seasoned inside the kitchen before it’s carried precariously to the grills. The cook is often forced to run in and out of the house for plates, utensils or spices while the meat cooks outside.

Why not cut out the hassle by taking the entire kitchen outdoors? An outdoor kitchen brings the cookware, food store, preparation areas and cooking all outside. Not only will an outdoor kitchen make the cooking process easier, it also has a multitude of other benefits, from improved social life to reducing cleanup time:

  • Improved social interactions: The grill master is frequently isolated during barbecues and dinner parties. They’re practically chained to the grill without any company as they prepare the food. Oftentimes, guests will remain indoors or stay swimming in the pool while they wait for the food to be ready. With your outdoor kitchen, you can create an area that welcomes guests. Add seating along the bar or a television for viewing the big game to bring everyone to the cooking area. An outdoor kitchen builder in Seattle, WA can create the perfect outdoor space where your family and friends will love to kick back and relax while you man the grill.
  • Take the heat out of the house: Summer is prime time for grilling. It’s also the hottest time of the year. Having guests opening and closing the door as they travel to and from the backyard can take a huge toll on both your air conditioning system and your monthly electric bill. The door will stay shut with the cool air inside when you have an outdoor kitchen. Everything is stored outside, so there’s no more running inside to grab the dessert or another round of drinks. Plus, there’s no added heat in the house as the oven, stove and grill are all located outside.
  • Keep the mess outside: A pool party is a fun summer activity, but it’s always followed up by burdensome cleanup. An outdoor kitchen will keep the food spills, dirty plates and glasses outside. This will cut your cleanup time in half. You won’t have to scrub muddy footprints out of the carpet either, as the foot traffic through the house will be reduced, too.

Ready to create the perfect outdoor kitchen before summer rolls around? Then contact Custom Fire Art today! As the top outdoor kitchen builder in Seattle, WA, our team will create the perfect backyard cooking and dining area for your space and your needs. Call us today to get started on your next project!

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