How to Boost Revenue from Your Restaurant’s Outdoor Seating

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Studies have shown that restaurants with outdoor seating options tend to see as much as a 30 percent boost in guest check sales. Why? Because outdoor spaces cater to the social aspects of dining, allowing guests to sit down with friends and family in the fresh air as they talk and dine. They stay longer, order more food, add drinks to their check and even get dessert—all of this adds up to more money spent.

Simply having an outdoor seating area is often enough to bump up the average check sales per table, but did you know there are also other ways to improve patronage on the patio? One great way is to introduce commercial fire pits in Seattle, WA. Fire pits provide yet another social centerpiece for your patios, encouraging people to gather around. Best of all, they’re likely to do so with a drink or appetizers in hand! Check out some of the venues where a fire pit is a great addition to an already popular patio space:

  • Bars and clubs: Fire pits are natural gathering areas, which means people will use them as wayfinding points in your bar or club. They’ll meet there, talk there, mingle there and more. Best of all, it helps to illuminate your patio naturally, giving it an ambience that further sets the tone for your establishment. It’s a draw for people that also encourages them to stay.
  • Restaurants: A great way to turn tables and still keep people in your restaurant is to install custom commercial fire pits in Seattle, WA. Guests will leave their tables after they’re done eating and get drinks to sit with by the fire. Not only does this mean an increase in alcohol sales, but it also frees up a table for another meal.
  • Coffee shops: Many coffee shops have patio spaces where people naturally gather to sip, eat, converse and read, among other things. Having a fire pit encourages them to stick around for longer and can be the deciding factor in their choosing your coffee shop over another one.

The common denominator in all of these venues is a simple one: the opportunity to spend more money by encouraging guests to stay longer. They might already choose your establishment because of its outdoor patio space; they’ll be more apt to spend money once they’re there.

Fire pits also offer a number of inherent benefits that exemplified in a commercial space. They’re warming, which makes your establishment a draw on cool fall days or chilly nights. They’re gorgeous when lit, which makes them a natural conversation starter and attention-grabber. And, of course, they create natural gravitation for people looking for a place to sit or stand, simply because of their ambience.

If you have an outdoor patio space, make sure you’re also making the investment in a custom commercial fire pit in Seattle, WA. It could be the smartest value-boosting investment you make for your outdoor space, which is already invaluable in and of itself!

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