Check Out the Advantages of Having a Commercial Fire Pit in Seattle, WA!

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An issue that many business owners run into is making the most out of their outdoor space—that is, of course, assuming the business provides outdoor seating accommodations. If this is your dilemma, then the first thing you should know is that adding the right kinds of outdoor elements can make a huge difference, as well as attract the attention of potential customers.

Potted plants, tables and chairs and clear string lights are great things to have in your outdoor business space for patrons to use and enjoy, but think more outside the box—what about fire pits? Fire pits serve a purpose and add style, making one the perfect feature to include in your outdoor space. Here are a few advantages of having a commercial fire pit in Seattle, WA:

  • Patrons can relax: Establishments like restaurants, cafes, pubs, wineries and hotels are all places people go to relax and unwind. If you add fire pits to your outdoor space, your patrons or guests will want to take advantage of the opportunity to sit back and take in the night sky. Space out your fire pits to create areas where separate groups of people can relax together. The great thing is that fire pits can be used all year long.
  • Outdoor enjoyment: Some people are indoor folks, others prefer the outdoors. Business owners know this and are happy to accommodate either type of seating request. Do you think your customers will enjoy coming to your establishment more if the outdoor option came with a fire pit? Absolutely! A lot of people would enjoy eating dinner around a fire, or keeping warm while sipping on wine with friends after a long day at the office.
  • A gathering spot: Every group of friends has a favorite haunt, be it the local pub or a long established restaurant downtown. With fire pits on your patio, you’re bound to make your business the gathering spot for friends to get together for a laidback or super social night. Fire pits are also outdoor features that will attract families looking for something to do on a cloudy afternoon.
  • Have fun and make memories: Business fire pits are magnets for fun. Their beautiful exteriors and bright flames draw people toward them, and the result is laughter, fun and new memories. And the fun doesn’t stop when fall and winter leave. Fire pits are fantastic elements to leave out for customers on cool summer nights and chilly spring mornings.
  • Attract customers: Today is the age of social media. Between hashtags, tags, check-ins and captioned selfies, it’s common for customers to mention businesses on personal social media sites. All it could take to attract new customers is a patron posting a picture of themselves in front of your business fire pit with a shout-out about how awesome your place is.

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