Info from a Custom Fireplace Contractor in Seattle, WA: Four Excellent Reasons to Choose a Corner Commercial Fireplace

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An outdoor or indoor fireplace can be a beautiful addition to your business. But instead of a traditional style fireplace with a flat front, why not consider a custom made fireplace to bring out your business’ uniqueness? There’s nothing wrong with a traditional, flat front fireplace, but it’s not unusual for this style to take up a lot of space or not meet the needs of the business. Here’s where a corner fireplace may fit the ball. A smaller size corner style not only saves space in your business, but it looks good, too.

So, what are some of the reasons for choosing a corner commercial fireplace installation? Let’s see what a custom fireplace contractor in Seattle, WA has to say!

Creates ambience anywhere

Do you have limited floor space? Is the thought of a giant traditional wood-burning fireplace making you rethink this project? Whether your business building is tall and narrow or has an open floor plan, a corner fireplace unit can be installed easily and out of the way. They are compact, so any available corner inside or outside of the building will do. Your customers will enjoy the fireplace ambience and relaxing with friends on the weekends.

Fits anywhere to add style

Corner fireplaces are growing in popularity thanks to their unique look and space-saving abilities. They go in a corner to leave more space available for tables, chairs and other kinds of room furnishings for your business, all while warming up a space. And although it’s located in the corner, it’s easy to make it the focal point in a room using lighting, artwork or plants. Their compact size means they can fit just about anywhere to add style—in private banquet rooms, conference rooms, small cafes, restaurant patios and more.

Leaves open floor space

As classic and lovely as traditional flat front fireplaces are, everything from the frame to the mantel to the masonry work is big. What’s more is that a traditional wood-burning fireplace may not flow with the room’s look or layout. It also may limit the size, style and number of pieces of furniture and decorations you can add to your space. Foot traffic is another big consideration. For instance, if you own a restaurant, you don’t want your customers and staff crammed together or tripping over each other. A corner gas or wood-burning stove is installed out of the way, plus it won’t stick out far from the wall.

Creates a welcoming business environment

From professional office buildings to retail spaces to corner coffee shops, installing a corner wood-burning fireplace may be all it takes to create an inviting business environment for clients or customers. Fireplaces in general can incite the feeling of being at home, which can make patients at a medical office more comfortable, guests at a hotel less homesick and restaurant patients feel relaxed, for example.

If you’re ready to install a commercial corner fireplace in your business, don’t hesitate to contact Custom Fire Art. Call to begin working with a professional custom fireplace contractor in Seattle, WA today!

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