How to Continue Using Your Outdoor Space Throughout the Winter

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Most homeowners are thinking of the spring and summer months when designing and installing their outdoor fireplaces in Seattle, WA. It’s important to realize, however, that fire pits are sensible investments throughout the entirety of the year! Whether you’re hosting a holiday soiree or are simply hoping to cozy up outside with your favorite book, there are a number of ways that you can make your outdoor space comfortable for winter use. Working with an outdoor fireplace designer is the best way to ensure that your patio area is ready and accessible for year-round use.

By following a few simple winterization tips, you can make your outdoor space enjoyable and accessible regardless of the weather. If you are in need of assistance preparing your outdoor fireplace in Seattle, WA for a holiday party or outdoor gathering, reach out to a professional outdoor fire pit designer.

Here are just a few of the ways that you can make your space ready for the cooler season:

  • Take cover: The most essential yet challenging step that you can take toward making your outdoor space more accessible in the winter is covering your seating areas from precipitation. You should also do your best to create shelter from the wind around your fire pit, while not also creating a fire hazard in the process.
  • Install additional heaters: If you’re planning on hosting an outdoor gathering, chances are that not everyone will be able to curl up within range of your outdoor fireplace in Seattle, WA. Installing additional heaters is a great way to make sure that everyone at your party is consistently comfortable.
  • Blanket cover: Your entire outdoor space should be positively filled with blankets. Use plush throws to cover seating, offer wool blankets for personal use, and be sure to keep plenty of faux-fur around the outdoor space for you and your guests to snuggle up with throughout the entirety of the night.
  • Cozy up: At the end of the day, it’s the tiny details that will make your outdoor space truly accessible and enjoyable for you and your guests. Use rugs to keep guests’ feet warm, and be sure to place plenty of ambient light sources, like torches and candles, throughout the space.
  • Serve some warmth: Whether you’re enjoying your outdoor fireplace in Seattle, WA alone or with friends, be sure to bring plenty of warm and inviting libations along with you to your patio or deck! Serve hot mulled wine, spiced cider or tea and coffee when you are sitting outside this winter.

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