Tips to Save on Your Energy Bills with a Fireplace This Winter

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Throughout human history, personal fires have been one of the most reliable and ubiquitous sources of heat and energy. Though their popularity may have waned in recent decades, both indoor and outdoor fireplaces continue to be some of the most energy effective ways that you can heat your home. If you are wondering how you can reduce your heating expenses this winter, there are a number of ways that you can maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your home using a fireplace and a few helpful hints.

Working with a fireplace designer in Seattle, WA is a great way to identify the heating solution that best suits your home or outdoor space. Custom fireplace designers will work with you extensively to identify your heating needs, and attempt to build a fireplace that will help you warm your space as efficiently and effectively as possible.

When running a fireplace as your primary source of heat, there are a number of things that you should keep in mind. You can maximize the effectiveness of your custom heat source by following these tips:

  • Close the doors: Because fires rely on oxygen to thrive, they actually create a vacuum effect. This means that if you have doors open to other rooms in your home, your fire may be sucking warmer air out of them to feed itself. Whenever you are operating a fire, you should close all of the doors in your home so that the fire heats your living space without cooling peripheral parts of your home.
  • Determine the fuel source: Today, fireplaces can either burn wood or natural gas. There are a number of factors that you should consider and discuss with your fireplace designer in Seattle, WA when deciding which type of fuel you’d like your fireplace to burn. Modern wood fireplaces are much more efficient at converting wood to heat than the fireplaces of previous generations; however, gas fireplaces can be easier to operate.
  • Turn on the fan: Turning on a ceiling fan when trying to heat your home may seem counterintuitive; however, it’s absolutely necessary to improve the air circulation in your space so that the heat generated by your fireplace is distributed evenly. Be sure to flip the switch in your ceiling fan so that it is pumping air upward, toward the ceiling, rather than downward.
  • Humidify: You should ensure that the air inside your home is filled with moisture any time you are running a fireplace. Humid air is better at retaining heat, and can improve indoor air quality while you are burning your fuel. For a rustic look and to make your home smell delightful, try placing an enamel kettle filled with water and essential oils on top of your wood burning stove.

Since 2008, Custom Fire Art has been providing high-quality custom fire fixtures that precisely meet clients’ needs and expectations. We are the premier fireplace designer in Seattle, WA. If you are looking for an interesting and eco-friendly way to heat your home and cut down on your energy expenses this winter, you should reach out to one of our helpful and professional sales associates as soon as possible. We can help you design and construct a fireplace that perfectly suits your home and your lifestyle.

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