Seven Tips to Get Your Outdoor Kitchen Ready for Cold Weather

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Outdoor kitchens are excellent investments that can bring your living space to the great outdoors and enhance the overall value of your home. Preparing these versatile and exciting spaces for winter weather, however, requires an expert touch and a small amount of technical knowhow. Consulting with a qualified outdoor kitchen builder in Seattle, WA is the best way to ensure that your cooking area is ready for the arrival of the cooler months.

Even in the temperate Northwest, winter weather can quickly degrade to freezing or below-freezing temperatures. This means that outdoor cooking areas must be properly winterized so as to avoid any unnecessary weather-related damage that may be incurred. Working with the outdoor kitchen builder in Seattle, WA who helped construct your space could be the best way to ensure that it is safe from damage throughout the cooler months.

  • Shut off the water: First, you must shut off any water flow to your outdoor kitchen. If there is a continuous stream of water to your outdoor cooking gear, it may freeze and break the pipes.
  • Drain the lines: Standing water can cause a whole host of problems for outdoor kitchen owners. If left unattended, it may result in mold growth and other undesirable outcomes. Draining all of the active water lines is the only way to keep them safe and mold-free.
  • Position your drain valves: The drainage valves within your outdoor kitchen should be left in the “open” position for the entirety of the winter. This will allow any condensation that may form to easily drain out of the lines.
  • Clean out your fridge: Don’t leave yourself any stinky surprises! Mold growth can adversely affect a fridge for years. Additionally, the power should be switched off for your refrigerator, and it should be left unplugged throughout the winter season.
  • Clean out the sink: Your outdoor kitchen builder in Seattle, WA can tell you about the importance of keeping a clean sink. Prevent mold growth, rust formation and other undesirable affects by thoroughly cleaning out your sink during the winterization process.
  • Prepare your icemaker: The icemaker should be completely unplugged, its water lines should be completely drained and its valves should all be left open throughout the entirety of the winter season. During winterization, you should also clean out the icebox.
  • Prepare the grill: The grill is the heart of the outdoor kitchen. Ensure that it is ready for a few months of dormancy by degreasing and polishing the entirety of its cooking surface. If the grill is gas-powered, it should be disconnected from its fuel source.

For nearly a decade, Custom Fire Art has been the premier outdoor kitchen builder in Seattle, WA. Our talented team can work with you to ensure that your space is ready for winter. We are known for our extreme attention to detail, and are widely regarded for our ability to deliver high-quality products at reasonable rates. To learn more about our outdoor room construction procedures and maintenance offerings, contact one of our friendly teammates today!

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