Update Your Patio with Outdoor Fire Pits in Seattle, WA

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There’s nothing quite like sitting around the fire with family and friends, but this experience doesn’t have to be limited to just the colder months of the year. An outdoor fire pit lets you enjoy the warm glow of the flames all year long. You can spend your summer evenings roasting marshmallows with friends or trading stories by firelight. Your backyard will transform into a welcoming, fun and relaxing place with the simple addition of an outdoor fire pit. With summer quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to create this outdoor sanctuary so you can enjoy it all season long.

Here are five reasons why installing outdoor fire pits in Seattle, WA in your backyard will help make this the best summer yet:

  • Enhance summer gatherings: Imagine spending your summer nights enjoying a cold drink with your friends and family as the fire crackles in the background. These are the summer memories you’ll cherish for years to come. Installing a fire pit will enhance your summer nights. You won’t be forced to head back inside just because the sun goes down. Best of all, the fun doesn’t have to stop once autumn rolls around. The heat of the fire can keep you warm even after the sweaters come out.
  • Enrich the beauty of your backyard: An outdoor fire pit can turn your backyard into an extraordinary space, instead of just a boring old patio. This addition can turn even the most lackluster area into an outdoor oasis. You’ll regularly find excuses to head outside!
  • Add value to your home: A fire pit can boost the value of your home tremendously, as a beautiful outdoor space is a high priority for most homeowners. Not only will it influence your property value, but it will also add a feel of luxury to your backyard, and the quality family time spent around the fire is invaluable.
  • Cook outside: Take the cooking out of the kitchen and head outside! An outdoor fire pit provides you with a new world of cooking potential. You can go the traditional route by roasting hot dogs over the open fire or install a grill cover on top of the open flames for the perfect grill to cook up some juicy steaks.
  • Create your dream backyard: Your backyard can be reminiscent of a luxurious resort with the addition of an outdoor fire pit. By working with a professional fire pit designer, you’ll be able to craft the perfect focal point for your backyard. Choose between a circular or square installation. Then, select other design elements based on your tastes, including glass crystals or beautiful glossy black rocks.

Ready to begin making memories around your new outdoor fire pits in Seattle, WA? Contact the professionals at Custom Fire Art today. Our team of expert technicians will help you design the perfect fire pit that will serve as the main feature of your backyard for many years to come. For more information, give us a call today to get started!

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