Spruce Up Your Property with These 10 Fire Pit Ideas!

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With summertime in full swing, people are doing everything they can to spend as much time outdoors as possible. One of the prime times to be outside is after the sun goes down and the heat backs off, which makes having a fire pit one of the best investments when it comes to living the summer lifestyle.

If you already have a fire pit, you know just how convenient and inviting they can be. But, is your fire pit living up to your expectations when it comes to providing timeless evenings spent with loved ones, friends and family? Take a look at 10 ways to enhance the appeal of your custom fire pit in Seattle, WA and make sure it’s the place to be on a relaxing summer evening:

  1. Install seating: Plopping a couple of benches around your fire pit is a great upgrade from folding chairs or plastic seats. A couple of iron benches with pads can go a long way in making your fire pit more welcoming to guests.
  2. Build a pergola: If your fire pit is at the center of a pergola, it becomes a semi-outdoor fixture. A pergola can provide some benefits of shelter, while also leaving things open and inviting.
  3. Switch to gas: If your fire pit installation in Seattle, WA consists of a hole in the ground where you burn wood, a gas fireplace can be a step up. It’s easy to control, safer and can be styled in myriad ways for ambience and atmosphere.
  4. Build it in: Making your fire pit the centerpiece of a table or outdoor kitchen is a seamless way to incorporate it into an entire outdoor experience. Watch the flames crackle as you dine with friends or chat while playing games.
  5. Raise the pit: A great trend in custom fire pits in Seattle, WA is to bring the fire pit higher off the ground, so it becomes something at stomach level. This makes it a focal point and helps radiate heat better to those enjoying the pit.
  6. Change the dimensions: Traditional fire pits are circular, but that doesn’t have to be the case for your design! Consider a rectangular design to accommodate more people or an exotic hexagonal design to give each person their own side.
  7. Multiple pits, working together: For a truly unique experience, consider having several smaller fire pits in close proximity, creating the illusion of a larger fixture. It’s complementary to both form and function.
  8. Explore ornamentals: Having a fire pit is about more than just stones and blocks. Consider ornamental grates or custom wrought ironwork for the enclosure, to help create a pit that’s also a work of art.
  9. Built in to the patio: For larger patios that extend away from the home, a fire pit that’s built-in can become a focal point of your hardscaping. It also makes the pit more accessible and welcoming.
  10. Fire and water: If you have an in-ground pool, a fire pit can be the perfect piece for juxtaposition. Incorporating the pool on one side and the fire on the other adds luxury and sophistication, as well as depth to your property.

Take a look at your fire pit. How could it be more welcoming or visually striking? Consider the above tips and explore how you might increase the appeal of your summertime social beacon.

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