Five Ideas for Updating and Re-Facing a Fireplace Surround

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Depending on the budget you have in mind for fireplace remodeling in Seattle, WA, there are a limited number of options available to you for transforming the ambience of your installation. One of the simplest and potentially most cost-effective is re-facing the surround.

The “surround” of a fireplace is simply the material that defines the firebox. In most cases, it’s stone or brick that forms the hearth, legs, header, mantel, chase and cladding. This material is the most aesthetic part of the entire installation and is instrumental in how the fireplace as a whole contributes to a room. Changing the surround means changing the entire dynamic of the fireplace.

Let’s take a look at five ideas for fireplace remodeling in Seattle, WA that involve changing the surround to affect a change in perception of the fireplace itself:

  1. Whitewashing brick: Brick is among the most common materials for the surround of a fireplace, simply because it’s an economical building material. Whitewashing brick gives it a faded-out, ghostly appeal that can scale back the sharpness of brick. This is often done by applying white paint and wiping it away before it has a chance to dry, then daubing with a sponge and lightly sanding the finish.
  2. Replace tile: Some fireplaces are surrounded by tile. Removing old tile and replacing it with something entirely different can be your chance to blend your fireplace into the décor of a room… or help it stand out in a big way. Consider tiling in cohesion or contrast and installing new tile that fits the scheme of the room itself.
  3. Eliminate the mantel: For a postmodern look, consider removing the mantel of your fireplace and continuing the surround material in its place. This will give the fireplace a minimalist look that can blend it right into your room. It’ll downplay the fireplace itself, while continuing to accent the area.
  4. Build out the surround: Continuing to build out the surrounding material for your fireplace can give the perception of growth and dominance. For example, if your fireplace surround extends 12” to each side, consider building it out to 16” or further for a more imposing presence that’s sure to become the clear focal point of the room.
  5. Mix materials: Creating contrast through mixed materials is a great way to make your fireplace surround go the distance. Stone surround with a wood mantel or a wood chase and brick cladding can offset each other in a way that works to really accentuate the beauty of your fireplace.

Customizing your fireplace surround is just one method for updating or enhancing the installation. However, you’ll be hard pressed to find a method of fireplace remodeling in Seattle, WA that offers a better return on investment. The change in aesthetic, ambience and imposition within a room makes addressing the surrounding material a top priority among fireplace owners looking to impart real change in their rooms.

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