Talk to a Custom Fireplace Contractor in Seattle, WA About Heating Your Home with a Wood Fireplace

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Picture yourself wrapped up in a soft blanket, nursing a cup of tea and reading a book while curled up in your favorite chair. Sounds nice, right? That image doesn’t have to be a fantasy. A fireplace can easily transform your home into a relaxing escape. Not only does a warm fire create the perfect ambience, but it’s also an effective way to heat your home on a cold winter night. Wood is the most eco-friendly heating method. Not only is it relaxing, but utilizing a wood fireplace as a heating source can also help reduce your monthly energy bills.

Not convinced yet? Read on to discover six benefits of using a sealed wood stove or fireplace to heat your home with help from a custom fireplace contractor in Seattle, WA:

  • Environmentally conscious: Sustainably harvested trees provide a renewable and environmentally conscious way to heat your home. By opting for this natural heating method, you will be able to reduce your dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Perfect ambience: The warm glow of the fireplace creates the perfect ambience for a romantic night in or a relaxing setting for enjoying a glass of wine after a long day at the office. In many homes, the fireplace is the central gathering spot for the entire family.
  • Increased home value: Adding a fireplace is a simple way to boost the market value of your home. Fireplaces are one of the most common wish list items for a potential homebuyer. Many will even pay more for this luxurious feature. The price of your home can increase by approximately $1,500 with the addition of a fireplace.
  • Reliable warmth: Do you have a plan for what your family will do for heat if the power were to be knocked out during a winter storm? A fireplace can easily keep your entire home warm in addition to providing a little bit of lighting. You’ll never be stuck waiting in the cold for your local utility company to restore the electricity.
  • Cooking alternative: Enjoy some quality time with your family by roasting marshmallows and hot dogs on sticks over the open fire. These will be the wonderful memories your children will cherish throughout their entire lives.
  • Reduce energy costs: The cost of electricity continues to become more and more expensive. Fireplaces are a great alternative for heating your home at a fraction of the price. Best of all, many homeowners don’t even have to pay for the cost of firewood if they have access to a wooded property where they can gather supplies.

Enrich your home with the help of a custom fireplace contractor in Seattle, WA. From the cost savings to the environmental advantages, the benefits are endless. It’s easy to create the fireplace of your dreams with the help of Custom Fire Art. Since 2008, our team of skilled technicians has created custom fixtures for both indoor and outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, patios and grills. Call us today to learn more!

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